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In today’s increasingly interconnected global economy, learning to work effectively across cultures—at home or abroad—can improve employee relations and productivity. Likewise, the U.S. Department of Defense recognizes that a blend of world language and cultural competencies along with knowledge and understanding of a related region is required in order to build meaningful and impactful relationships. At Concordia Language Villages we teach language in the context of culture. Learners experience cultural nuances through their interactions with instructors and staff (including native speakers) in a way that helps them to adapt to cultural attitudes and behaviors. Our immersion programs combine accelerated language training with cultural competency.

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All branches of government face a growing need for employees to function in a globalized environment, dealing with colleagues, partners and clients domestically and around the globe with a variety of language and cultural backgrounds. Concordia Language Villages is uniquely situated to provide such training. With our over 60-year history, we have have built an internationally acclaimed reputation in providing effective language and cultural programs for all ages and proficiencies. The unique residential iso-immersion setting, along with our distinctive methodology, provides for an effective environment for accelerated learning.

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Successful companies realize that a global outlook is important for success in the domestic and international arena. In addition to the skills necessary for working with counterparts from other countries, many companies are addressing the challenges of a global and multicultural workforce here at home through corporate language learning.

  • Amplify your DEI Program
  • Develop basic language skills for business
  • Improve cross-culture management
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance communication and performance
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Custom Corporate Programs

Our corporate programs are customized to meet specific client needs and vary from weeklong overnight stays to onsite sessions that meet weekly over the course of several months. This customization can range from intensive corporate language-learning immersion programs required for a specific work setting, to creating defined situational learning scenarios that replicate real-work circumstances. Past clients have included ‘big box’ retailers to physician clinics and hospitals.

  • Enhance service/patient care
  • Motivate cross-cultural relationships
  • Improve employee retention
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Documented past successes reported by corporate and government clients participating in previous immersion programs include:

  • Accelerated learning in a focused setting, away from everyday routines and distractions
  • ​Improved employee morale leading to more motivated team members and group interaction
  • Increased employee and client retention rates due to understanding, respect for and appreciation of each other’s cultural style
  • Improved communication skills leading to higher productivity
  • Increased confidence in meeting management
  • Improved language proficiency based on the oral proficiency rating scale; intensive two-week iso-immersion courses have yielded a certified two-step improvement (on an eleven point scale)

Explore Our Spanish Professional Programs

We offer specialized training for healthcare and other professionals who work with Spanish-speaking clients and colleagues to improve communication and cultural understanding in the workplace and beyond. Visit our Spanish Language Village page to learn more.

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Work at Concordia Language Villages

Concordia Language Villages staff may speak a Village language, creatively teach culture, work and play hard. They also develop skills and qualities that will make them excellent employees in any field.