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Concordia Language Villages offers a variety of professional development programs year-round. We also welcome student groups along with their teachers for language immersion experiences throughout the fall, spring and summer. From professional workshops and consulting services to student-focused field trips and weekend retreats, we support educators and students the CLVway! We can even help you earn your Master's in World Language Education through Concordia College!

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School Groups

Village Weekends are language immersion programs for school groups. World Language teachers organize trips during the academic year for these three- and four-day programs. Village Field Trips are programs designed for school groups to experience language and culture immersion outside of the classroom. Days (grades K-12) are designed to engage and motivate learners in a celebratory theme while reinforcing social studies concepts. Overnights (grades 6-12) offer an overview of the target culture appropriate for both language learners and social studies students. To learn more, download the School & Educator Guide.

  • Choose a day trip, overnight or weekend
  • Ignite enthusiasm for language learning
  • Expand your curriculum beyond the classroom
  • Available for grades K-12
Spanish Language Village
Teacher Training
German Language Village
Experiential Learning for School Groups
Spanish Language Village
Cultural Craftwork
French Language Village
Winter Games in the North Woods
Spanish Language Village
Master Your Target Language
Spanish Language Village
Creating Community
Adult woman being blindfolded.
French Language Village
Building Relationships
French Language Village
Schools Visit From Around the U.S.
German Language Village
Culturally Appropriate Activities
Spanish Language Village
Learning the Flamenco Dance
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Workshops & Consulting

Concordia Language Villages’ Workshops for Teachers can be held either onsite at Concordia Language Villages or in a facility closer to you. We can accommodate groups of all sizes and will work with you to customize programming to meet the specific needs of your school or district. Our private consulting services can help address best practices in world language curriculum design, instruction and assessment from Pre-K through grade 12.

  • Customizable programming
  • Professional consulting for schools and school districts

Master of Education in World Language Instruction

The Master of Education in World Language program is offered by Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn.

Our innovative hybrid program is ideal for working world language and TESOL teachers. We offer a combination of theory and practice, enabling students to create practical and engaging classrooms. Accelerated summer courses at Concordia Language Villages provide immersive experiences unique to our program.

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Global Self-Assessment Grid

The Global Self-Assessment Grid is designed to help students determine what they are able to understand and to communicate in a world language. It also helps them set goals concerning what they want to be able to understand and communicate. The grid gives them a road map to help them develop proficiency in the language they are learning.

Download Self-Assessment Grid
Poster Preview: Global Self-Assessment Grid



Looking for more ways to promote language, culture and global citizenship in your classroom? We’ve created a series of free, downloadable posters for your classrooms.

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