Summer Youth Camps

Getting Ready for Camp

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When you enter any Concordia Language Village, you enter a world of possibilities. Once you pass through “customs,” you are welcomed into a unique, authentic cultural immersion experience that lets you live the target language of your choice all day, every day. At Concordia Language Villages, we don’t separate life and language learning. From the moment you arrive, counselors and instructors will communicate in your target language, just as if you were learning from inside the country itself.

Getting Ready for Camp

Hundreds of thousands of satisfied language learners have experienced the wonder of speaking a new language through our fun and natural immersion environment. Is your child ready for camp? Learn more here, we've also listed a few items below that will help prepare your child for camp.

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When you plan to attend one of our programs, we are happy to assist you in getting here. We provide several options to accommodate your needs.

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Arrival Day

Upon arrival, you’ll present your Passport, exchange currency and choose your culturally appropriate Village name by selecting your own custom-made birchwood nametag, which has become an iconic symbol of the Concordia Language Villages experience. Why do we use different names? Because Kwan tackles challenges that John would never dream of. Assuming a special name at camp helps villagers push the boundaries, try things they might not do at home and gain the confidence to become courageous global citizens. It’s the CLVway.

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Daily Life

Each Language Village has a unique and culturally influenced daily schedule packed with fun activities, learning and excitement. Although no two days are alike, and schedules vary by language and program, view what a typical day at Concordia Language Villages can be expected to look like here.

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At the Villages, you’ll not only speak, play and learn in another language, you’ll also eat in another language! More specifically, you’ll have the opportunity to eat culturally appropriate cuisine from the various countries that speak your target language. The menus are specific to each Village and have been carefully researched and planned by each Village’s kitchen staff. While you enjoy your meals you will continue to learn as you get to know the vocabulary necessary to “pass the salt” or delight in conversation with all your new friends. If you have food allergies or special dietary needs, please let us know. We do our best to accommodate your requests.

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Special activities vary from Village to Village, but they may consist of anything from writing and crafts, to playing soccer, dancing or swimming in the lake. The best part is, learning a new language through arts and crafts, song or a game on the soccer field doesn’t even feel like learning!

Free Time

Although there isn’t much time in our busy schedules for it, each day does allow for some free time. When your days are so full of fun and learning, your mind may need a rest. Visit the Village bank or store, hang out with your friends or go for a swim—the time is yours to relax and do what you enjoy. Before you know it, you’ll be chatting unknowingly with your friends in the target language!

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Evening Program

Before bringing the day to a close, the entire Village gathers to take part in a cultural activity. Programs range from serious simulations dealing with current world events, to fun re-enactments of holiday celebrations or festivals. This is a time when counselors coming from around the globe share their own cultures with the villagers. After leaving the evening program, villagers have time to reflect together on the activities of the day during their cabin councils.

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Environmental Awareness

All Villages work to model environmentally responsible behaviors, including reducing, reusing and recycling, developing respect for nature and property and learning outdoor skills. We believe that is how a global citizen should act. In order to help villagers truly become aware of the natural world, and to interact with their woodsy surroundings at the Villages, we prohibit the use of electronic devices such as cell phones, Apple watches, tablets, iPods and other noisy devices. Nature is its own music! Join us in the quiet. Listen. We are committed to helping our participants reconnect with the natural world. Many natural settings of our Turtle River Lake sites have been developed and cataloged by an environmental education specialist. Read more about our Unplugged Policy.

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Worship Services & Faith Diversity

Faith diversity within the Village community is respected. Villagers may attend weekly religious services in a nearby community, if available.

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Life at Camp

What's it like to spend a week (or more!) at Concordia Language Villages? Check out these resources to learn more about life at camp.

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Villagers’ school-year days are filled with noise and distraction. They are wired and complex. One of the goals of our program is to slow down, listen, tune in and connect. To effect the full quality of an immersion program, we ask our villagers and our staff to be in the Language Vil­lage moment. We require that all electronic devices be left at home or checked at the Village gate during the customs process. Four-week villagers will receive their phone for a limited amount of time on a day in the middle of their program, then return it to staff for its safe-keeping for the last two weeks.

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Download the Summer Youth Handbook

Our comprehensive Summer Youth Handbook provides all the information you need to know for a successful Language Village experience, all in one. Download it today!

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Work at Concordia Language Villages

Concordia Language Villages staff may speak a Village language, creatively teach culture, work and play hard. They also develop skills and qualities that will make them excellent employees in any field.