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Spanish Virtual Language Village

At an El Lago del Bosque Spanish Virtual Village, you’ll be immersed in the sights, sounds, tastes and experiences of the Spanish-speaking world — here, there or anywhere! ​

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Learn Spanish

El Lago del Bosque’s Virtual Village began in 2020 and allows villagers to learn Spanish all year round. From one-week sessions in the summer to full academic-year programs, villagers are able to be immersed in the Spanish language and cultures from the comfort of their home.


At an El Lago del Bosque Virtual Village session, villagers may visit a Spanish museum, learn to make traditional recipes and so much more!

Activities are based in authentic cultures from the Spanish-speaking world and taught in Spanish to help villagers develop their language proficiency.

Tech Requirements

In order to best take advantage of this interactive experience, you will need the resources necessary for e-learning (reliable internet access, a device per villager with a webcam and microphone) and any individual adaptive devices needed; headphones are recommended but not required. Use of Chromebooks is not recommended as villagers cannot access all the features of the Virtual Village platform. As a program of Concordia College, we are coordinating our efforts with the college so that all virtual platforms will have the necessary and appropriate security features to protect the privacy of users, including compliance with FERPA and COPPA.


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