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Health and Wellness: COVID Approach

​T​hank you for taking the time to review our COVID-related protocols, designed to ensure the safety of all our villagers and staff. Below, you’ll find an overview of information as well as PDFs for a more detailed look at our COVID response.


Based on best practice guidance from the CDC, Minnesota Department of Health and the American Camp Association, our Summer 2022 Covid mitigation includes:

  • Full vaccination against COVID-19
  • Submit proof of negative Covid test within 72 hours of arrival
  • Periodically we may need to adjust our strategies based on regional trends and what we are currently experiencing within the Villages. This adjustment may include using two out of three of our main mitigation strategies (outdoors, masks, distance) on opening days and during group activities in the first week at camp. For further information, refer to our Risk Reduction manual.


What kind of test do you accept??

  • All participants are required to submit proof of a negative Covid test within 72 hours before arriving at our program.  We prefer PCR tests due to their superior sensitivity, but we do accept home antigen tests.  
  • For PRC tests: Parents should check with their local testing sites to determine approximate turn-around times and schedule a test so that results can be received before their program starts.  Typically PCR tests are best scheduled for the Friday or Saturday before a session starts.  Test results should be uploaded into the CampDoc prescreening tool.
  • For home antigen tests: Please take a picture of the test results and upload them into the CampDoc prescreening tool.  If using a home antigen test, it is best to test on the Sunday prior to Monday’s arrival.

What to do if a villager tests positive before camp??

If your villager tests positive just prior to their session, please contact the Health and Wellness office at or 218-586-8771 as soon as possible.

We follow the MDH School and Youth isolation guidelines when we work with families on a case by case basis.  Due to our communal living environment, your child must complete a full 10-day isolation period before participating in our programs.

What happens if a villager tests positive while at camp??

We will not be testing all villagers routinely for COVID.  However, if your child becomes symptomatic for COVID and they test positive while at camp, they will be required to leave.  

If your child tests positive, you will be notified immediately and your child will be cared for by our staff in the designated isolation area while they await pick-up.  Please note that the isolation area may be different from the village they are attending, and that all pick-up location information will be given to you upon notification.  

Parents or designated adults are encouraged to pick up their children as soon as possible, but in order to allow for travel, children may stay in the isolation area for up to 72 hours.


Based on best practice guidance from the CDC, Minnesota Department of Health and the American Camp Association, our Summer 2022 Covid mitigation includes:

  • Full vaccination against COVID-19
  • Submit proof of negative Covid test within 72 hours of arrival
  • One out of three main mitigation measures will be practiced during programs
  • For further information, refer to our Risk Reduction manual


Summer 2022 and Vaccinations

We are proud of our success in protecting the health of our villagers in summer 2021 and are committed to summer 2022 health protocols that will allow us to continue that record of success while increasing the number of villagers who can enjoy the freedom and activities of our residential programs.

To make that possible, our plans for those health protocols assume that FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines will be available and accessible for children ages 8 and over. Because our congregate living setting unavoidably entails an enhanced risk of transmission, we will require proof of COVID-19 and other childhood vaccinations as a condition of participation in our residential programs.

We do not plan to provide exceptions to this requirement. We know that some must, and some choose to remain unvaccinated. Our virtual programs will be available to both vaccinated and unvaccinated villagers.

Concordia Language Villages has established these health protocols paying close attention both to our particular circumstances and to Minn. regulations, the recommendations of public health bodies, the expectations of accreditors and statements of best practice issued by national summer camp organizations.

We will continue to monitor and respond as appropriate to changes in any of these contexts. But as families make decisions about registration for summer 2022, we wish to state our intentions clearly so that families can take this information into consideration.

Read our FAQ to learn more.

Male educator with dark hair, glasses and crayon face mask flexing with a bandage - image reads Protect Against COVID-19.


COVID-19 Basic Overview

Over the past year, we have all learned a tremendous amount about virology, immunology, pathophysiology, or we might just say, science. We know however that there is also a lot of information out there. In the following PDF, we have drawn together information on the SARS-CoV2 virus that we are using to inform our strategies in creating a COVID-resilient camp setting.

Read the COVID-19 Basic Overview


COVID-19 Risk Reduction

Here are the current COVID mitigation protocols and expectations for our Residential programs. We will continue to carefully monitor changes associated with surges and variants and make updates as necessary.

Read more about on-site COVID-19 Risk Reduction


School and Youth Programming Guidance

For current guidance, visit Best Practice Recommendations for COVID-19 Prevention in Youth Programs, Day and Overnight Camps
For Quarantine Guidance visit the COVID-19 Quarantine Guide
For Isolation Guidance visit the COVID-19 Isolation Guide