Healthcare at the Villages

Our health service practices are shaped by regulations and/or guidelines from entities such as Minnesota’s Nurse Practice Act, the Minnesota Department of Health, standards of the American Camp Association, the Standards of Camp Nursing Practice and our insurance companies.

Please contact Health Services at: or (218) 586-8771 if you have questions about information in this section.

    Additional, detailed healthcare information will be provided to parents in the Parent Handbook after you have enrolled your child.


    Healthcare Plan

    We want to provide a healthy experience for each villager. To accomplish this goal, we partner with you. You know your child’s health needs; we know the capabilities of our program. Our healthcare plan is designed to complement the growth and development needs of children and youth within normal parameters.

    Important Concordia Language Villages Health and Safety Information: Summer 2019

    Mental, Emotional, and Social Health (MESH) Letter for Parents/Guardians

    MyVillage Form Upload Instructions (PDF)

    Health Forms

    After you have registered, all necessary health forms are available on your MyVillage account and must be completed four weeks prior to arriving at your session. 

    Use our health forms to tell us about your child’s health history. Our desire is to work effectively with your child, something made possible only with complete information from you, so please be thorough and forthcoming. The information you provide is shared with appropriate staff on a “need to know” basis. Please note the following:

    • Complete the online health history form, a required document for participation, at least four (4) weeks before your villager arrives. Your child will not be able to start camp without full completion of these records. We need it early because information is used for staff training, menu planning and health center staff preparation. Our desire is to work effectively with your child, something made possible only with complete information from you, so please be thorough and forthcoming.
    • Prior to your child’s arrival, healthcare staff review health forms and may call to clarify questions. A health screening is conducted on opening day.
    • Physician Exam Form: Obtain a physical exam record for your child, dated within 12 months of their last day at camp this summer. If your current physical exam record is outdated, take your child for a physical exam. (There is an exam form available on your MyVillage account.)

    Paying for Healthcare - Health Insurance

    Parents/guardians are financially responsible for costs associated with providing healthcare to their child. Should your child be taken to see an out-of-Village provider, you will be billed by that provider based on the billing directions you provide on your child’s health history form. Note that some clinics and pharmacies do not bill; they require payment. If we anticipate that your child’s clinic or pharmacy requires payment, you will be instructed to call your credit card information to that business.

    Inclement Weather

    Village deans use a NOAA weather radio and have developed a weather response plan specific to their Villages. Staff is trained to follow this plan, which emphasizes the safety of the villagers.

    Minnesota: The summer weather of northern Minnesota varies greatly. We can have hot, muggy weather in the upper 90s followed by very cool days in the low 40s. Your villager may also experience a thunderstorm.

    Questions About Healthcare?

    You are encouraged to contact Kira Frisby, Manager of Health Services, especially if special arrangements are needed to support your child’s stay in our program. Such requests are needed at least four weeks prior to your child’s arrival.

    Kira Frisby, BSN, RN,
    Direct Line: (218) 586-8771
    Fax: (218) 586-8770