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Communicating With Your Villager

Looking for a Village address to send a letter or care package to a summer villager?

Communicating With Your Villager

Most villagers will be so busy, they may find it hard to drop their family a letter. If that proves to be the case for your child, you will be able to view photos of your villager’s experience by checking the link to photos that was shared prior to the start of the session. Not all Villages are able to maintain daily updates, so if there are things about which you want to inquire, please call the Village.

NOTE: Your villager will not have access to telephones, email or faxes to communicate to you unless there is an emergency. You have the following options to communicate with your villager:



The first step is to call the Village using the contact information provided on your villager’s correlating Language Village page. If the village does not return your call within an acceptable amount of time, please call the administrative offices at (800) 222-4750 and press “9” to speak to someone in our Bemidji, Minn. administrative offices. Our priority will be to assist you as soon as possible. Business hours at Village sites are 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. during sessions. Business office answering machines are checked regularly for emergency messages.

Village Photos

You can view what your child is doing at camp by accessing the link to photos that was shared with you prior to the start of the session.

Email and Internet

Internet access at the Villages is for educational use only. Villagers will not have access to personal email. One-way email service to villagers is available to family members. Please login to your MyVillage account to access the email system. You can also create guest accounts to give grandparents and other family members access to email your villager. Emails to villagers received prior to 8:30 a.m. Central are normally delivered the same day.

Letters - Old-Fashioned Fun

Receiving mail from home is a highlight for villagers, so we encourage your family and your villager’s friends to write often. They can also communicate with you by mail, so encourage them to do so. Villagers receive their mail at a specified time each day.

Please keep in mind that mail delivery to the Villages may take longer than usual because of the rural sites. You can find the addresses of the Village your child attends on our locations page or in your Parent Handbook after you’ve registered.


In accordance with our customs procedure, packages are opened by the villager in front of a staff member monitoring for items not permitted in our program. Some past favorites of campers are glow sticks, playing cards, or a fun item that can be shared amongst their cabin. If you have questions about a particular item you’d like to send, please contact the Village your villager will attend. Please do not send food items.