Parent Information

Summer Villages Experience

Hear what parents are saying about their children’s experiences at Concordia Language Villages:

We welcome you to join us at Concordia Language Villages this summer or at any time throughout the year. Much of the information in this section is relevant to all our programs, and will give you an idea about how we operate and what to expect when you arrive at your Village. 

Parent Handbook

Our parent handbook is your ultimate guide to help you prepare for your experience with Concordia Language Villages.  It is packed with all the necessary information and resources that will answer most, if not all, your questions. 

Parent Evaluation Form

Parent feedback is highly valued at Concordia Language Villages and is used to improve our programs each year. Parents will receive an e-mail via the address they provided on the registration form with a link to an online survey. They will be asked to rate all areas of the program and to give comments. We encourage parents to complete this survey and return it to us with any concerns clearly stated. Additionally, we encourage parents to communicate with our administrative team about any concerns. We read and respond appropriately to such communications.

Transportation Overview

Concordia Language villages offers a wide variety of options to get villagers to and from our locations. Transportation costs depend upon the option chosen and are not included in the registration fee. The Transportation Overview provides an overview of all transportation options that are available when arriving and departing from the villages. You can also look in the parent handbook starting on page 30 for more information.  If you have transportation questions please call (800) 222-4750, (800) 222-4750, ext. 2.

Villager Portal and Welcome Packet

A Welcome Packet is sent to all villagers before their sessions. Included in the Welcome Packet is a welcome letter from our director, a Village passport that you should have with you as you pass through “customs” at the Villages, information on earning high school credit (if applicable to your villager’s session) and health forms that need to be returned prior to the start of the session.

As you register you will be given access to your own MyVillage. This is your gateway to all of the important information that you will need to make the most of your experience with Concordia Language Villages. Here you will be able to update information about your family, make payments, get the latest news from the Villages, e-mail your villager while he/she is in session, and access all forms, documents and packing lists. MyVillage also contains a digital copy of our Parent Handbook which holds all of the information you might want to know about a Village experience.