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Russian Residential Language Village

Embrace your spirit of adventure and join us for a summer filled with fun, laughter and learning. For more than 50 years, villagers at the Lesnoe Ozero have experienced living in another language and participating in cultural activities from a variety of Russian-speaking countries, while still enjoying the best aspects of summer camp. Villagers learn language, culture and global perspectives through their counselors who hail from all corners of the globe. There are endless opportunities throughout the day for small group and one-on-one learning and for villagers’ individuality to shine.

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Russian Residential Language Village

Learn the Language

Learn the Language

At the Russian Language Village, you’ll learn Russian in a traditional summer camp setting. Language classes are tailored to learners of all ages and stages, from absolute beginners to our heritage students, who grew up speaking Russian. Whether you’re looking for an early introduction or an intensive language program, we’ll meet your level of language and help you to advance during your time at Lesnoe Ozero.


Scholarships Available

The Russian Language Village is offering a $1,000 award and a variety of smaller awards for youth interested in attending a two- or four-week program in the summer. Priority consideration will be given to new participants, returning villagers who are interested in “stepping up” from a shorter session to a longer session, and villagers from backgrounds that have been traditionally underrepresented at Lesnoe Ozero.

Enjoy the Culture

Enjoy the Culture

Enhance your language skills with active learning! Play shakhmati with our life-size chess set or grab a snack and find a comfortable spot on the beach to enjoy some classic Russian literature. On the soccer field, score a point and hear your friends shout GOOOOLL! At Tretyakovka, our very own artists’ workshop, design a matroshka doll or create khokhloma style art.

Experience Village Life

Experience Village Life

We all do our very best to make Lesnoe Ozero the ideal place to prepare ourselves for responsible global citizenship through living the Concordia Language Villages mission and creating a safe, inclusive space where everyone is free to belong and be understood. Our culturally authentic site is situated on the beautiful shores of the Turtle River Lake. Our talented culinary staff serves delicious meals from all over the Russian-speaking world served family style to encourage language development.


Read Our Summer Blog

To read our updates and view photos from our summer sessions, please visit our blog!


Day Camps

Family Week

Spend quality vacation time relaxing and laughing in another language with your family at a Family Week.

Meet the Staff

Our staff members are dedicated to helping you learn Russian. The dean is the on-site director of the Language Village. Lara Lara Ravitch is dean of Lesnoe Ozero, the Russian Language Village. She has been on staff for more than 11 years and was a villager at Lesnoe Ozero for two years. She has worked in the kitchen and as program staff at both the Russian and the French Language Villages. Lara lived in Moscow for three years. She is fluent in Russian and French and has studied Spanish and Czech.

Why Learn Russian at Lesnoe Ozero?

Learning Russian connects you to 153 million people who list Russian as their mother tongue and another 61 million who speak it fluently as a second language.

Listen to an interview with former villager, Nadia Spock, who shared her experiences at Lesnoe Ozero on Public Radio International’s “The World.”

Our Village Location

​Located in the beautiful North Woods of Minnesota, the main residential area of Lesnoe Ozero sits on a small peninsula with excellent views of the lake. Our site features culturally authentic architecture as well as clean, comfortable cabins. Learn more about our Village site.

Working at Lesnoe Ozero

Interested in working with us this summer? Click here for more information.