Virtual Villages

Concordia Language Villages is excited to offer participants new opportunities to begin or continue their adventure in language and cultural learning! Villagers ages 8-18 can join one or more online Virtual Village sessions – beginning to advanced language learners welcome! Experience fun, interactive language learning and cultural activities - all from home. The four precepts of the CLVway will continue to be the backbone of your immersion experience. It's REAL language, REAL culture and REAL people. Whether online or in northern Minnesota, Concordia Language Villages is committed to inspiring courageous global citizens. Join us!

Questions? Check out our Virtual Village FAQs.

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Residential Sessions

Language learning is at the heart of our program. Mori no Ike has specialized curriculum in place for both the four-week high school credit-bearing program and the one or two-week small language groups.

The credit villagers participate a project and task-based curriculum. The first two weeks, you will complete a project together with your classmates. The second half of the session, you will complete an individual or small group project and present it to your peers in Japanese.

Even our beginning students are comfortable doing this, and fully capable at the end of four weeks! Villagers at Mori no Ike naturally become strongly supportive of one another and enjoy helping each other learn.

Our high school credit program is open to students entering grades 9-12 of all levels of language proficiency, including beginners.

Typical Day

This sample schedule will vary from year to year depending on the age of villagers and session length, but basic activities remain the same. Even though Mori no Ike staff adjust the schedules to best suit the learners for each session, some things always remain the same: fun activities, delicious food, a mix of structured and free time, music and sports, choices of activities — and of course, complete immersion in Japanese language and culture!

Time Activity
8:00 起床 Villagers Wake-Up
8:45 ラジオ体操 Morning Exercises
9:00 朝ごはん Breakfast
9:45 クラス1・言葉1 The First Morning Class
10:30 中休み Game and Study Break
11:00  クラス2・クラブ言葉1 Class 2 for Gakusei and Morning Club for Seito
11:45 歌の時間 Singing Time
12:15 メロドラマ Skits by the Sensei
12:30 昼ご飯 Lunch
13:20 昼ね Nap and Quiet Time
14:15 掃除 Cleaning Time
14:45 クラス3・言葉2 Class 3 for Gakusei and Language Group 2 for Seito
15:45 自由時間 Free Time
16:45 クラブ2 Afternoon Club
17:45 勉強時間 Study Time
18:30 晩ご飯 Dinner
19:30 着替える時間 Changing time
20:00 夜のプログラム Evening Program
21:00 キャンプファイヤー Camp Fire and Singing
21:15 家に帰る Seito: Return to Cabins and Gakusei: Study Time
22:10 日記を書く時間 Journal Time
22:30 家団欒 Cabin Council
23:00 寝る Lights-out