Meet Our Staff: Sup sogŭi Hosu

Our Dean

Dr. Dafna Zur (다희). Dahee is the dean of Sup sogŭi Hosu, the Korean Language Village. For more than 10 years at Sup sogŭi HosuDahee has worked as counselor, business manager, assistant dean and acting dean. Dahee is Assistant Professor of Korean Language and Literature at Stanford University. Her research focus is the children's literature of North and South Korea, and she teaches courses on Korean literature, film, and popular culture.
Prior to Stanford, she taught for a year at Keimyung University in South Korea. She is a scholarship and fellowship recipient from the Korea Foundation, UBC, and the International Communication Foudation in Korea (among other awards and honors). She has published journal articles, contributed chapters to academic publications, presented papers at national and international conferences, given invited lectures and workshops, and translated short stories and books. 
Leadership Staff
Hyeonjeong Park (현정). Hyeonjeong is our Assistant Dean. This is her 14th year on staff. She has had many roles during her time at Sup sogŭi Hosu. She completed the leadership training in teaching Korean as a Foreign Language at Seoul National University and received her Master's degree from Yonsei University. Her Master's thesis used the Language Village as a case study and provided productive suggestions for the continual growth of the program. She taught Korean to foreigners at KyungHee University. She is excited to work with a growing number of villager-turned-staff. For 14 years she has enjoyed seeing not only her son’s but also villagers’ growth.
Chad Walker (채준). Now in his 3rd year on staff, Chaejun is the credit program facilitator. He has studied Korean Linguistics and Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language, and is completing his Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Southern California, where he has also enjoyed teaching Korean language and culture to undergraduates. He enjoys taking advantage of the summer months away from USC to teach and facilitate study abroad and language immersion programs. We are excited to have him return to our village, where he can share his knowledge and experiences with Korean culture with our villagers. 

Credit Teachers

Hyunjin Kim (현진). Hyunjin is a credit teacher joining us for her 3rd year on staff. She completed her B.A. in Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia in 2012 and received her M.A. in Teaching Korean as a Second Language from Yonsei University in 2016. After Sup Sogui Hosu Hyun Jin will be going to Spain as a Korean language education intern at the University of Malaga. HyunJin enjoys traveling, watching movies and boxing.
Sunny Chong (순재). Sunjae is excited to be joining Sup sogŭi Hosu as a credit teacher for the first time. She was born and raised in Korea and immigrated to California when she was a sophomore in H.S. She majored in education and minored in linguistics. She received her teaching credential from Sonoma State University and since then she has been teaching in Korean Immersion Program in L.A. and San Francisco. She has Master’s degree in Theological Studies and TESOL certification. She is currently a National Board Certified Teacher Candidate and determined to be a life-long learner. She enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and camping.
Insook Kang (인숙). This is Insook’s first year as a credit teacher and second visit to Sup sogŭi Hosu.  This past March she worked as a Korean language instructor in the Concordia Language Training teaching national guards. She  studied TESOL at Temple University and taught Korean at all levels for 17 years at the University of Pennsylvania. While teaching, she joined the Korean traditional drumming group at Penn and played Jang-ku. 
She likes tennis, hiking, and traveling as well as learning new things all the time.  She has been teaching Korean at San Diego State University since 2014.
Dr. Hyun Jin Lee ( 현진). This is Hyun Jin’s first year as a credit teacher and she is very excited to join Sup sogŭi Hosu. She received her PhD in Foreign, Second and Multilingual Language Education at the Ohio State University, and has taught as a lecturer in East Asian Languages and Literatures at that institution for five years. She specializes in Korean language pedagogy. 

Youngjoo Lee ( 영주). Youngjoo is pursuing an MA degree in Foreign, Second, and Multilingual Education at the Ohio State University. She will complete a Korean language instructors training course in August. She taught English in South Korea for many years. 

Wooyeol Lim (우열). Wooyeol is a first year credit teacher. She studied Korean linguistics and Teaching Korean as Second Language at Yonsei University and at the University of Oregon. She has worked as a Korean language instructor since 2010. She loves teaching Korean and is super excited to begin her first year in Sup sogŭi Hosu. Wooyeol enjoys traveling around the world and collecting snow globes.

Program Staff

Dong Hyeon Kim (동현 ). Dong Hyeon is a first-time counselor at Sup sogŭi  Hosu. He runs an Indian restaurant Hwaseong-si in South Korea and he enjoys travel. He visits Gahate in Nepal every year and loves to teach something for children there. As a young person he learned Danmudo, a Koreaa traditional martial art, and he practiced Taekwondo and other martial arts in the military. Later, he learned modern dance and performed on the stage two years ago with Ahn Eun-mi company. This year, he took up Korean archery, which he is excited to teach at Sup Sogui Hosu. He is looking forward to bringing his son Hoyeon back to Sup Sogui Hosu for his son’s second year as a staff child.

Gabriella Grezzi (솔). This is Sol's first time working at Sup sogŭi Hosu. Sol was a credit villager for the past two summers and is thrilled to be returning as staff. She is currently studying physical therapy in Boston and studies Korean in her spare time. In addition to these, Sol also enjoys dancing, reading, and eating. 

Grayson Lee (한울). This is Hanool's first summer at Sup sogŭi Hosu. He is currently enrolled in a Master's program in East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto and has spent two years working abroad teaching English in Korea. He enjoys new forms of media, Korean comics, and art/music. Hanool also has a black belt in Hapkido and used to compete in Taekwondo as an undergrad at the University of Toronto. Hanool is a very energetic individual who is very excited to join Sup sogŭi Hosu this year!

Jaeeun Song ( 재은). Jaeeun is joining us for her second year at Sup sogŭi Hosu. She graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris with a major in Elementary Education. She had such a wonderful experience last year that she just had to come back! 

Jieun Cho (지은). Jieun is a student at the Catholic University of Korea majoring in International Studies. She is currently studying abroad in Wisconsin as an exchange student. This is her first time working at Sup Sogŭi Hosu, and she will be a small group language teacher in the 2-week program. She is a member of Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK) who introduces the Korean Culture and she loves teaching Korean and is super excited to begin her first year in Sup sogŭi Hosu.

Jinkil Lee  (진길 ).  Jinkil is a first year staff at Sup Sogui Hosu. He is currently a college senior at Seoul National University. He loves all kinds of sports (soccer, tennis, swimming, kayaking) despite his poor flexibility. He has experience teaching English literacy to American first-graders who speak better English than him. He is happy that this time he gets to teach his native language, Korean!  

Judith Wodzak (주원). Juwon is excited to be coming back for her 2nd year on staff at Sup sogŭi Hosu where she teaches the stringed instrument known as the kayagŭm. Juwon was a villager for six summers as a teenager, and Sup Sogui Hosu is one of her favorite places on earth. She graduated from Macalester College in 2015 with degrees in music and linguistics and this fall will be starting her M.A. program in speech language pathology at the University of Iowa. When not at the village, she enjoys fiber arts, learning to play the banjo, snuggling her cat, and swing dancing.

Madeline Clasen (민지 ). Minji is looking forward to spending her 3rd summer as a counselor at Sup Sogui Hosu. Before coming on as staff she was a credit villager for two summers. She looks forward to coming back to camp year after year. Minji is a sophomore at the University of Southern California where she studies East Asian Studies with a minor in Ceramics. She leads the ceramics activity at Supho. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, especially the interpretive variety.  


Marissa Hauser (지혜). Jihye was a credit villager last year and loved Sup sogŭi Hosu  so much she decided to return as a Youth Leadership Intern. She is a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin where she is majoring in Linguistics. Jihye has also done volunteer work in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. She loves reading books in Korean, traditional Irish dancing, and hiking in National Parks.

Morgan Peter (아람). This is Aram's second summer on staff. Her first summer was in 2013 as a counselor, her experience was very memorable and she is excited to be back! Aram will be a lifeguard as well as a camp counselor. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2014 and is currently going back to school for Nursing, hoping to one day be back at camp as a Nurse.  

Minyoung Kye (민영). This is Minyoung's first summer at Sup sogŭi Hosu. She spent two years teaching English in Korea and has a bachelor's degree in chemistry from CSU Fullerton. She has a black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys reading webtoons and watching Korean dramas in her spare time. In addition, Minyoung enjoys K-pop dances and classic K-pop. She is very excited to be joining Sup sogŭi Hosu this year!

Ocean Park (오손). This is Oson’s first year working as a counselor at Sup sogŭi Hosu. He is currently studying computer science as a 3rd year at San Diego State University. Although only 19 years old and born in L.A, Ocean has been playing Korean traditional instruments for 11 years. He has been to Korea several times and learned about Korean traditional instruments and dancing at various renowned camps. Ocean is also an instructor at the San Diego Korean Pungmul Institute, a nonprofit organization consisting of elementary school children to adults. Being at the San Diego Korean Pungmul Institute has allowed Ocean to perform at many different places such as Nicaragua, L.A Rose parade, and Mexico. 

Pyeong Jung Kim (평중). This is Pyeong Jung’s first year on staff at Sup sogŭi Hosu. He graduated from Kwang’un University majoring in Business Administration. He will be attending the graduate school of Kwang’un University as a psychology major. 

Rebecca Spencer (라희). This will be Rahee's first year as a staff member after coming to Sup Sogui Hosu as a credit villager in 2014 and 2016. She will be acting as a lifeguard and will be helping teach the Taekwondo activity. Rahee is from northern Florida, and will be attending Stanford University after a gap year. She can't wait to show all the villagers her new pair of crocs and her infectious enthusiasm!

Shaniqua Castonguay (신애). Sinae is the Waterfront manager of Sup sogŭi Hosu, and she is a first-time staffer. She was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She recently graduated from the University of British Columbia, where she took various Korean literature and translation courses. She has various experiences in summer camps and day camps. She is looking forward to meeting everyone and living life in Korean with everyone.

Victoria Caudle (효리). Hyori is the Sup Sogui Hosu business manager. She was a credit camper at Sup sogŭi Hosu for 2 years and Kitchen Staff for 1 year. She graduated with a BA in Korean Language from University of London, SOAS and just graduated from Seoul National University in 2017 with an MA in Modern Korean Literature. Predictably, her hobbies are reading and writing. She is currently preparing herself for a career in literary translation.


Yerin Lee (예린). This is Yerin's first year at Sup sogŭi Hosu. She currently lives in Southern California but spends most of the year in Nashville at Vanderbilt University studying Psychology and Child Development. Out of all of the exciting activities planned at Sup sogŭi Hosu, she is most looking forward to getting to know everyone and sharing her passion of Korean culture. In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching Korean dramas.

Kitchen Staff

Jason Syväoja ( 재석). Chaesŏk is returning to Sup Sogui Hosu for his 2nd year as Village Chef. He has been employed with Concordia Language Villages for 15 years, currently as one of the Chefs de Cuisine in the Culinary Arts Department. He enjoys watching and playing soccer and learning new languages, and is excited about improving his Korean skills this summer. Jason spent an intensive month in Korea this year thanks to the generous donation of SupHo parents, and has added over 80 menus to the repertoire!

Jenny Hoffmann (순영). Soon Yeong is a Korean adoptee from Minnesota with a bachelor's degree in Anthropology and a minor in Spanish with an interest in improving her limited Korean language skills. She is a returning staff member who, after a 6-year hiatus from Sup Sogui Hosu, is so excited to be back!

Desiree Cho (데즈레). This is Mina’s first year working in the kitchen as Assistant Head Chef, but being at the Korean Language Village is a family affair--her husband was a counselor when they were in college; her 11-year-old attends camp; and her almost-3-year-old is coming with her this summer. Her mother-in-law and her speak different languages, so they bonded over cooking Korean food. She is excited to be at Sup sogŭi Hosu!

Haley Shaw (혜리 ). Hyeri is a first time staff member at Sup sogŭi Hosu, joining us from Fort Worth, Texas to be our Baker. She is a recent Stanford University graduate where she took many Korean language and culture classes and developed a deep connection with Korea. She is really excited to share her love of Korean cuisine with the other staff and campers!

Leland  Nelson (기문). Kimun was a villager for the past four years and is returning this year for his first time as Kitchen Helper! In addition to enjoying cooking at home, he likes to read, go hiking, and listen to music.


Mia Rogneby (옥주). This is Okjoo's first year working at the Village, after being a villager for seven years. She is very excited to be working in the kitchen as Kitchen Helper. When not making fun food, Okjoo likes to draw, sing, and read.

Yoko Kofuji (바다). This is Yoko’s first year on staff. She was a villager at Mori no Ike, the Japanese Language Village for nine summers. She is excited to work at Sup sogŭi Hosu as Kitchen Helper for the first time! She is currently a student at the University of Minnesota and is considering a Japanese major. 



Health and Safety

Heather Linehan (은혜). Eunhye has been our nurse for 12 years. Since retiring last fall from her full-time job as a Chicago fire department paramedic (35.5 years) she’s had more time to work at CLV, helping health care staff and working at other CLV locations. Eunhye loves to learn languages and is enjoying the challenge of Korean with a new alphabet. She also loves Korean food and Korean bathhouses. When not caring for the village she relaxes by knitting, bike riding, or just enjoying nature. At home, she is active in Girl Scouts, recently finished a major remodeling of her condo in Chicago, and is furthering her nursing studies at Purdue University and Bemidji State.