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Italian Language Village

Ciao and benvenuto to Lago del Bosco, our Italian language immersion camp. Here, kids and teens ages 7-18 can dive into the language, flavors, style and traditions of sunny Italy—all against the backdrop of the North Woods of Minnesota.

Italian Language Village


<p><i>Il calcio </i>is a part of life in Italy and <i>Lago del Bosco</i>.</p>

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Il calcio is a part of life in Italy and Lago del Bosco.


La dolce vita comes to northern Minnesota at Lago Del Bosco. Among the many authentic Italian activities that await you are both sports, such as soccer, bicycling, roverino and bocce, and arts and crafts, such as leather working, ceramics and, of course, cooking. You’ll find plenty to amuse, entertain and educate, all while learning Italian.

Authentic Cuisine

<p>Two of our counselors, Marco and Matteo, serve up fresh <i>bruschetta, </i>Italian garlic bread with olive oil and tomatoes.</p>

Two of our counselors, Marco and Matteo, serve up fresh bruschetta, Italian garlic bread with olive oil and tomatoes.

Authentic Cuisine

Italian food is more than pizza and pasta. At Lago del Bosco, you’ll go on a guided culinary tour of the whole delicious country, from antipasto (appetizers) to dolce (dessert). You’ll return home with a whole new appreciation of Italian cooking – and a few new favorites.

Music and Drama

<p>A daily occurrence at <i>Lago del Bosco</i> is <i>Commedia dell’Arte </i>with stock characters, or “masks” from the major cities of Italy.</p>

A daily occurrence at Lago del Bosco is Commedia dell’Arte with stock characters, or “masks” from the major cities of Italy.

Music and Drama

Italy is world renowned for its music and drama, and villagers at Lago del Bosco delve into both. Experience the most famous pieces of Italian opera, learn the steps and origins of traditional dances that have been passed down for hundreds of years, or dance to modern Italian pop music at our discoteca.

Learn Italian

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Learn Italian

Interested in world affairs, business, design or culinary arts? Maybe you have a passion for art history, ancient civilizations or architecture? Or perhaps you just understand how important it is to know more than one language and to appreciate other cultures in our ever-changing world? Whether you want to chat with Nonna in her native tongue, prepare for a trip to Florence, or the Eternal City or just delve into the rich cultural heritage of bella Italia, Lago del Bosco will provide you with the tools you need.

10 Reasons to Learn Italian

1. Gladiators! Yes, the history of Italy is some of the best preserved in the world with by far the most UNESCO cultural heritage sites—47 and counting!

2. Art. Most of those masterpieces you learned about in school are in Italy, and that’s only the start of how much art each city boasts.

3. Music. Forte, piano, scherzo, staccato, crescendo... Italian is the language of music andit goes beyond opera.

4. Food. Need we say more? Just look at all the great food that begins with one letter: P. Pasta, pizza, polenta, parmigiana-reggiano, prosciutto, polpette (meatballs)…

5. Fashion. Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and all the others host fashion weeks in Milan, Florence, and Rome to set the style for the rest of the world.

6. Business. The northern Italian business model is admired for its stability and creativity throughout the world. Who knew that Italy invented banks?

7. Travel. Italy has consistently been one of the top destinations for travelers, but the doors open if you know the language.

8. Vino. OK, you need to be of age, but Italy simply makes the best wine in the world.

9. Architecture. Each region of Italy has its own unique design, from the arches of the Collosseum in Rome to the quaint trulli in Apulia.

10. Fun. What could be better than cruising through Rome on your red Vespa (passing those poky Ferraris), zooming up to the café for a quick cappuccino, and then wandering to the Trevi Fountain with your lemon gelato?



The Italian Language Village is offering a scholarship for Minnesota and Wisconsin residents with a financial need. The Bella Ciao scholarship will provide financial support of $1,000 for a four-week program, $500 for a two-week program, and $300 for a one-week program. This scholarship is only available to first time villagers stepping up from a day camp to a one-week program, a one-week to two-week program, or from a two-week to a four-week program. A preference will be given to Villager families with an adjusted gross income below $90,000. Families must be residents of Minnesota or Wisconsin. To apply, please click here. Applications deadline is April 15.


Family Programs

Spend quality vacation time relaxing and laughing in another language with your family at a Family Week.

Meet the Dean

Eric Dario Dregni has been the dean of Lago del Bosco since 2007. He has spent more than four years in Italy (Brescia, Florence, Milan and Modena) as an exchange student, English teacher and journalist for an Italian newspaper. He wrote the memoir Never Trust a Thin Cook about living in Modena, and his newest book, You’re Sending Me Where? Dispatches from Summer Camp is all about the fun and unpredictable adventures at Lago del Bosco.

Italian Summer Camp