French Language Village

From Canada to the South Pacific, the francophone world is yours to experience through French at Lac du Bois. Or, if you’re looking for a unique outdoor adventure program en français, try our Les Voyageurs adventure program.

French Language Village


<p>Freshly baked baguettes and delicious food are a part of daily life at <i>Lac du Bois</i>.</p>

Freshly baked baguettes and delicious food are a part of daily life at Lac du Bois.


Our kitchen staff will tempt your taste buds with dishes from across the French-speaking world. They might introduce you to some tasty dishes including yams or peanuts, typical of cuisine from Western Africa. Mediterranean cuisine is a favorite with salads, pastas, olive oil, and tomatoes. Meals in Switzerland often include lots of cheese and potatoes. Couscous, a small semolina pasta, is popular in Northern Africa. Breakfast will likely include la baguette and chocolat chaud, from France!

Music and Dance

<p>We even dance in the dining hall at <i>Lac du Bois </i>- Bemidji, making for a lively mealtime experience!</p>

We even dance in the dining hall at Lac du Bois - Bemidji, making for a lively mealtime experience!

Music and Dance

Song and dance are a big part of the Lac du Bois adventure. Whether you’re dancing to la musique africaine or learning the guitar, you will remain fully immersed in the French language while letting your spirit of performance express itself.


<p>Explore the beautiful lake during <i>activité canotage.</i></p>

Explore the beautiful lake during activité canotage.


Play awélé, pétanque, football, or a lifesize version of les échecs ou dames (chess or checkers). Create your masterpiece in les beaux-arts. Whatever you try, it will be an opportunity to explore culture, language and your own interests en français.


Family Weeks & Weekends

Unplug from the bustle of your regular life and spend quality vacation time relaxing and laughing in another language with your family. ​

French Family Fun Weekends and Family Weeks

Les Voyageurs Family Week

Helvetia (Swiss) Family Week

Programs for School Groups

View our programs for school groups.

Fun Facts About French

There are many different dialects of French. The blueberry is called “myrtille” in France and “bleuet” in Canada. And “bleuet” in France is cornflower. Couscous is a semoulina pasta in Morocco, but it is a porridge in Cameroon. The number 70 is septante in Belgium and soixante-dix in France. Playing with French words is really fun, and with native speaking staff and counselors who have traveled throughout the French-speaking world, you will get a taste of the rich diversity of the French language at Lac du Bois. Read a few reasons why you should learn French!

Meet Our Staff

Our deans and counselors, from the United States and many French–speaking countries, will help you every step of the way, using gestures and demonstration to help you understand new words and giving you plenty of opportunities to practice new words and expressions.