Finnish Language Village

Enjoy the moments of exuberant floor hockey (sähly), the taste of warm cardamom bread (pulla) and quiet reflection by the lake sauna as you learn the language and culture of Finland.

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Finnish Language Village


Day Camps

Family Weeks & Weekends

Spend quality vacation time relaxing and laughing in another language with your family. Attend a Finnish Family Fun Weekend or Family Week or try our NEW Nordic Family Week!

Why Learn Finnish?

Did you know Angry Birds came from the Finnish company Rovio and that the Nokia phone you may be playing it on is also from Finland? Finland and Finnish companies are increasingly becoming more global. The Finnish education system has also created much conversation due to its highly effective methods over the years. Read more great reasons to learn Finnish!

Meet the Dean

The dean is the on-site director of the Language Village. Amy Iida Tervola Hultberg is dean of Salolampi. Iida has been a villager and staff member at Salolampi since 1991. She has served and works closely with the Salolampi Foundation, Finlandia Foundation National and the Minnesota Finnish American Historical Society. She is a teacher and works with children in Detroit Lakes, Minn. during the academic year.


Want to get a head-start on learning Finnish or need a refresher? Check out this resource to improve your language skills!