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Summer Positions

If this is the first time you are applying, you will need to create an account and select a username and password. It is vital to save your sign-in credentials for future reference in the application process and very important if you are hired for a position.

Summer Staff Applications:

Please read the following important information BEFORE applying:

Many of the documents are Adobe PDF files. Depending on your browser settings, the file may open directly in your browser. Choose File/Save As to save a copy to your computer/device for later reference.

The online summer staff application is part of Concordia College's employment website. Returning applicants who have applied in recent years will simply use their sign-in credentials to update their application and apply for the appropriate position(s).

Please apply for ONLY ONE position per language, unless you are applying for both culinary arts and a counseling/teaching position; then apply for both. On the application itself, indicate which positions interest you. If you are interested in two languages, apply for a position in EACH language. For applicants to French positions, note that “French” and “French Voyageur” count as two languages; you must apply to each if you are interested in both.



As part of our application process, you must arrange for the submission of TWO reference forms, if any of the following conditions applies to you:



ALL Exchange Visitors who potentially will participate in our J-1 Camp Counselor program, will need to submit two references from an employer or teacher. This means BOTH new and returning Exchange Visitors must submit two references.

We must have two references on file in order to be in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations.

Reference providers must be professional references – those who know your work, classroom abilities, or work with children. At least one reference form must be from a current or recent supervisor who knows you in a position of responsibility. The person who makes the hiring decision cannot provide a reference.

You MUST provide an e-mail address for each reference writer. The application system will automatically e-mail your reference writers. Your reference writers will be able to download the reference form and then upload the completed form directly onto our system. You will be able to track whether we have received the reference form. The process is quick, simple, and confidential. Note, if you are applying for many positions, you may wish to let your writers know they will receive a request for each position; they may upload the same reference form for each position.

If you cannot provide an e-mail address for your reference writers or provide an incorrect e-address, contact Log back into this application system to assure that your reference providers have submitted the reference form.

For questions or difficulties, contact

Staff applications for summer positions are reviewed on a rolling process, based on enrollment. Applications are reviewed by the Village dean(s) and/or hiring managers, as they make the hiring decisions.

Due to anticipated changes in staffing needs because of Covid-19, hiring managers will contact you about your application as soon as possible.

Following are status notification dates:

  • Priority deadline: Returning staff whose applications are received by January 15 will hear of their status by March 1.
  • All applicants whose applications and references are received by February 15 will hear of their status by April 1.
  • All applicants whose applications and references are received by March 15 will hear of their status by May 1.

We do accept applications after March 15! There is not a specific date by which applicants who apply after March 15 will hear of their status, as notification depends on Village or program needs.