Work at the Villages



Why work at Concordia Language Villages? 

Concordia Language Villages staff speak a Village language, creatively teach culture, work and play hard. They also develop skills and qualities that will make them excellent employees in any field.

Our staff members gain leadership and teaching skills, value education, and become global citizens. In short, our seasonal staff develops many skills and qualities that employers value. Join us and make a difference!

How does working at Concordia Language Villages help you develop skills and qualities that future employers will be looking for? Read one staff member's perspective.

Executive Director

Concordia Language Villages has begun a search for an incoming Executive Director to join us in 2020. Learn more about Concordia Language Villages, the position and how you can make an impact on our organization and the world around you by applying and taking on this role.

Dietrich Fellowship

In 2019, Concordia Language Villages partnered with David Dietrich Oprava, a three-time credit villager and eight-year staff member at Waldsee, the German Language Village, to create the Dietrich Fellowship. Inspired by the experiences of Dietrich, and his dedication to travel, learning and service, this Fellowship hopes to inspire staff members who have proven themselves as leaders to take the next step in their personal and professional development. By giving them the opportunity to explore the entire world, the insight they will gain, the experiences they will have, and the skills they will learn will benefit not only the Villages, but also ideally the world as a whole.

The Fellowship is an annual merit-based $25,000 award given to a current staff member of Concordia Language Villages who has shown an exceptional dedication to global citizenry and language education and is a passionate, compassionate leader of others. 

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