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What position should I apply for?

Most applicants apply to be counselors.  If you have a teaching credential, credit teacher may be the best fit, and if you are looking for experience in culinary arts, you should apply for a culinary arts position.  If you are a high school student, you should apply to the youth leadership intern position.  Please apply for ONLY ONE position per language, unless you are applying for both a culinary arts and a counseling/teaching position; then apply for both. On the application itself, indicate which positions interest you. If you are interested in two languages, apply for a position in EACH language. For applicants to French positions, note that “French” and “French Voyageur” count as two; you must apply to each if you are interested in both/either.

Is it too late to apply? 

No, we hire staff up to and during the summer as openings arise.  We encourage you to apply as early as possible as this increases your chances of being hired.  Your completed application must include both reference forms from your reference writers.

What are the dates I would be working?

Each village has their own schedule and timeline. 

How long can I/do I need to work?  Can I work the whole summer?  Do I need to work longer than two weeks?

This answer varies depending on the position you are interested in.

• Counseling, teaching, and leadership staff:  Because this is a 24/7 job that requires a lot of energy, first-year staff are often only hired for one of these sessions so they can get to know our program and the position before making a longer term commitment.  This does vary however, and if you are interested in working the whole summer and are invited to interview for a position, you should discuss this during the interview.

• Culinary arts, transportation/office support, and  technology support staff: These staff members are usually hired for a whole summer (10-13 weeks or longer).

• Nurses: Nurses are usually hired for a minimum of one two-week period and can work up to an entire summer (10-12 weeks).

• Health center assistants: Health center assistants are usually hired for one of the five to seven week periods. and may be hired for a whole summer (10-12 weeks).

Can I just send you my resumé or CV?

No, our hiring process requires the completion of our online application.  You may upload your resumé or CV to your application, but we are unable to consider an applicant based solely on a resumé or CV.

Do you have internships available?

Most any of our summer or school-year, short-term positions can be an internship!  Our positions meet the requirements of many internship programs.  Please see the job summary on the application, apply for the position you are interested in, and indicate your interest in an internship in the application. 

Can I volunteer at Concordia Language Villages?

Some of our programs do accept volunteers. Volunteer applications are posted in later winter or the spring. See the section about volunteers on the how to apply page for more information.

One of my reference writers can’t write the reference. Is it possible to change it to someone else and remove the original reference writer?

Yes, please contact vilstaff@cord.edu  and we will be able to make this change for you.  You’ll need to let us know why you are changing reference providers, too. 

I am a reference writer and I am having difficulty completing the reference online.

If you have filled out the reference form and are having difficulty uploading it, please email it to vilstaff@cord.edu .

Were you looking for an answer to a different question? 

Email your question to our seasonal staffing experts, vilstaff@cord.edu  . 

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