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Virtual Adult Language Programs

Our virtual programs are geared toward adults interested in learning a language and its associated cultures for personal or professional enrichment, but who also want the flexibility of being able to learn anywhere in the world. Curated with adult learners in mind, these virtual immersion programs are designed according to the principles Concordia Language Villages has been perfecting since 1961. They employ a teaching methodology true to the CLVway.

Adult Virtual Villages feature a rich array of focused and engaging language learning, informal cultural discussions (in the target language), hands-on activities (games, music, etc.) from the target cultures and, at some sessions, you may also find yourself cooking authentic meals from the countries where the target language is spoken. Imagine taking a walk around the neighborhood as you process all that you’ve learned and experienced so far in your virtual language immersion program.

Talented and motivated teachers provide expert instruction in small- and large-group virtual settings — typically via Zoom. Specific language-learning groups are assigned based on participants’ language abilities, allowing everyone to be challenged based on their level of fluency. Learners of all skill levels are actively engaged in virtual experience-based situated learning scenarios that allow for plenty of practice and advance your competencies.

All learners will benefit from the virtual opportunities to practice their language with fellow learners and our instructors. Enjoy the convenience the Virtual Villages provide to delve deeply into topics of personal interest within the context of the program.

Virtual Village Language Offerings


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