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Language Training Center Programs

Concordia Language Villages will require all participants eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine to be fully vaccinated prior to arrival at a residential session, effective September 1, 2021. Read our vaccine FAQ for more information.‚Äč

Concordia College is one of the Language Training Centers (LTC) across the country funded by the Defense Language and National Security Education Office and administered by the Institute of International Education.

The Concordia LTC was established in 2016 in collaboration with the 300th MI BDE of the Utah National Guard. Since then, additional partners have been added. Concordia’s LTC, through its Concordia Language Villages, has been offering residential iso-immersion sessions in a variety of critical languages. For the 2022-23 LTC grant year, immersion sessions in the following languages will be offered: Arabic (MSA), Chinese/Mandarin, French, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

Concordia's Unique Iso-immersion Program

At Concordia Language Villages, our approach to language teaching puts learners into a grand simulation which includes the need to apply the target language via context-based situated learning and being surrounded by meaningful elements of a culturally authentic setting.

Given the iso-immersion design of the residential Concordia LTC program, participants focus on learning from breakfast until bedtime, away from distractions of daily life, surrounded by an instructional team of native speakers and others who are highly proficient in the language. The instructor to learner ratio is 1:3, providing for non-stop opportunities to engage and find support in the learning process.

Concordia Language Villages has provided customized training for soldiers of the U.S. Army since 2006 and has yielded remarkable and faster proficiency gains in language acquisition as well as building cultural competencies.

LTC Program Dates

For the 2022-2023 grant year, Concordia College’s Language Training Center partners include the 300 MI BDE of the Utah National Guard, the Sixteenth Air Force (16 AF) of San Antonio, Texas and the 1st Special Forces Command (1SFC) of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. At the request of these partners, three different training models are offered: Residential, Virtual or Blended. Blended programs will provide a weeklong virtual experience with instructional staff and students connecting online for daily language sessions followed by a two-week iso-immersion at the training site in northern Minnesota.

Individual units can request additional training dates for courses, for which tuition charges will be the responsibility of the sending unit. The required minimum number of participants for a Concordia Language Training Center Program immersion course is six students.

On the Arrival Date, participants travel to the training facility in northern Minnesota. On the Departure Date, participants may depart as early as their travel itinerary requires.

Registration Information

These immersion training courses are only available to individuals associated with units of the U.S. Department of Defense. The Sponsoring LTC Partner of a given session has priority access to available training seats. Interested participants from units other than the LTC Partner/Sponsor of a given course should complete the Training Seat Request Form.

Sponsoring LTC Partner
Points of Contact
Phone Number
1st SFC Daniel Long, CMF 35 LREC (910) 396-3445
16 AF
Adrianne Gomez, CTR
(210) 977-5124
300th MI BDE Sheldon Holgreen, CW3 (801) 432-4570


For more information about Concordia LTC iso-immersion dates, or if you are not a member of the U.S. military or a U.S. government employee and are interested in additional iso-immersion program dates and pricing, please contact or call (800) 450-2214.

Program Location and Facilities

All Concordia LTC programs will be held at the 875-acre Concordia Language Villages campus near Bemidji, Minnesota, which is comprised of seven architecturally authentic retreat centers, each reflecting the cultures of one of the 14 languages offered by Concordia Language Villages.

Given the fact that the architectural focus of these facilities does not always line up with the target languages/cultures represented by the LTC immersions, any of these facilities might be used for any of the languages. A general description of these facilities can be found here.

For more information about LTC’s in the United States visit the Department of Defence website.

Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, is a four-year liberal arts college with a strongly globalized curriculum and a nationally recognized leader among undergraduate institutions for the number of students who gain global experiences abroad. Concordia is a recipient of the NAFSA Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization.

Concordia Language Villages is a program of Concordia College that offers intensive residential language and cultural immersion experiences in 15 languages for learners of all ages and backgrounds. Established in 1961, Concordia Language Villages is internationally recognized for its unique approach to immersion and a setting that accelerates language learning in a highly supportive and motivating environment.

"They individually tailored the lessons to my interests and abilities. They were excellent. They motivated us to learn without being overbearing."
(Chinese LTC student evaluation comment)

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