Getting ready for a trip to the German-speaking world? Want to use German for fun or need to use it for work? Interested in practicing everyday German or brushing up on your language skills? Our unique program for adults is designed with you in mind.

At Waldsee, we tailor our program to your personal interests. Language sessions are friendly, fun, accessible and practical. Learn and use your German in everyday conversations and mealtime discussions while enjoying authentic German cuisine. Spend time over coffee and Kuchen with native speakers at the afternoon Waldsee Cafe. Practice your German actively in arts, sports, cooking, baking, environmental, historical and cultural activities. Enjoy our beautiful lakeside setting and explore the natural world on the water or on walks through the woods. Through these hands-on experiences, you will gain confidence and further your ability to apply your German in real-life situations auf der Stelle.

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The talented and motivated staff members at Waldsee provide expert instruction in small and large group settings catered specifically to participants’ language abilities. You can focus your personal interest in German, develop skills that help you professionally or prepare for a trip.


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