Closing Day: What to Expect | Concordia Language Villages

Closing Day: What to Expect

Closing Ceremony/Parent Program

As part of our COVID-19 safety protocols, for Summer 2021, all closing programs will be via videoconference. Please look for a message from your child's Village with the time and videoconference link.

Lost and Found

You should mark all belongings, including all towels and linens, with your full name. It is helpful to use the provided checklist before leaving the Village, as we cannot guarantee finding lost items after a session. If an item is left at the Village, call (800) 450-2214 or write to:

Lost and Found
Concordia Language Villages
8659 Thorsonveien NE
Bemidji, MN 56601

Give a detailed description of the item and include your name and Village session number. We will make every effort to find the lost item. Families are responsible for postage. After December 1, all lost and found items are donated to a local charity.

We consider it a privilege to spend time with your child each summer and help him or her along their journey toward global citizenship. As your child returns to your home, we hope that his or her path of world- and word-discovery will continue because of the broadened perspective and new insights into other ideas, cultures and perspectives gained at Concordia Language Villages. We are eager to welcome your villager back next year to continue the journey.