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Sjölunden Song Posters, Videos and Recordings

Song Posters!

Many of the villagers have asked for the words to the songs. We photographed all the song posters so they could have the texts visible to them in the same way they see them at camp. Just scroll down to find the song you want. 

Here is a slideshow of all the posters. Note: to view larger images of the posters, please click on the gallery and you will be redirected to an album with the full-size images. 

Sjölunden Song Posters

Original Song Recordings

Many of the songs are available on YouTube (by the original artists). Below are links to several. Enjoy!

  1. Just the melody
  2. Full song with words
  • "Jeg er Her" ("Jag är Här" in Swedish)  by Berit Dybing (Asta from Skogfjorden)
  1. Regular Version
  2. Song with Explanation


View videos of our songs on YouTube.

Song Recordings

Listen to some of our own recorded songs:

*Chrome users should be able to play the songs in their browser window. Firefox and Internet Explorer users will have to download the files to play locally. 


Slussen sång

Sjölunden  – Tullgarnssång

Åka till Kina

Sjölunden Hejaklack

Tycker, Tänker, Tro

Sverige! Hallå Hallå!