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Holidays at Sjölunden

We love to celebrate at Sjölunden —no matter what time of year it may be! While Sweden celebrates most protestant Christian holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, they also celebrate many holidays that are traditional to Sweden’s history.

Perhaps the most important holiday is Midsommar, where Swedes celebrate the summer solstice. We decorate the traditional may pole, dance folk dances and eat a huge smörgåsbord of Swedish delights. We spend the afternoon relaxing and playing brännboll (Swedish baseball) and end the day with a bonfire.

At Sjölunden, we also often celebrate Luciadagen (Saint Lucia Day),Vallborgmässoafton (the arrival of spring), Nobeldagen (Nobel Day) and Våffeldagen (Waffle Day). When our high school credit students finish their four-week session, we celebrate with a graduation banquet, complete with traditional Swedish studentmössor (student hats).