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Crafts at Sjölunden

Swedes have a great appreciation for art, as can be seen through the public art that decorates most large Swedish cities. At Sjölunden, you will get to partake in Sweden’s artistic tradition both past and present. Activities include traditional folk art such as dalmålning (folk painting from Dalarna) and vävning (weaving), as well as more modern options like offentlig konst (public art).


Dalmålning is a perennial favorite with Sjölunden villagers. Using traditional patterns, villagers can decorate objects such as spoons, boxes, or small wooden chests. A few four-week villagers have even brought along and decorated their own ukuleles!




Vävning takes place in the purpose-built vävstuga (weaving studio). Villagers weave floor mats, placemats, table runners, belts, and headbands with the help of experienced counselors. 



In the past few years, generous grants from the Swedish Council of America have allowed Sjölunden to host artists in residence who have shared their expertise with villagers. In 2017, Sjölunden hosted a textile pedagogue from southern Sweden who taught various forms of sewing, braiding, and felting.