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Activities at El Lago del Bosque

El Lago del Bosque Bemidji, Minn.

Life at El Lago del Bosque revolves around the fun, culturally authentic immersion community that is created by villagers and staff. In addition to all the tasty comida you’ll eat, the active deportes you’ll play, and the fantastic canciones you’ll sing, there are so many other ways to enjoy yourself.

Once you arrive at camp, you will have to go through the aduana (customs), where you will get to decorate your very own tablita de nombre with your new Spanish name. Here is where you also exchange your dollars for pesos at the village banco. Remember to bring your pasaporte to make sure you get a stamp! Once you have finished your name tag, there are other great ice breakers.

Arts and crafts are a popular way to show cultural uniqueness and a great way to do that is by making your very own azulejo, a traditional form of Spanish tile painting. In addition, you will be able to play many fun characters by putting on a disfraz (costume), which are worn frequently during meal time presentations and night programs.

A day at El Lago del Bosque would not be complete without a telenovela, a dramatic soap opera that unfolds every night with a new capítulo that involves counselors and villagers. Telenovelas reflect that popularity of soap operas in several Latin American countries, especially in Mexico and Colombia.