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Studying Russian Literature at Lesnoe Ozero

Some of the greatest pieces of literature were written in Russian. At Lesnoe Ozero, there is ample opportunity to explore poetry, prose, fiction and drama.

Our library is filled with both classics and children’s literature in Russian, English translations of famous works, and non-fiction in English and Russian, including biographies and historical and cultural information.

Our staff are only too happy to discuss these with villagers. Russian literature infuses many aspects of village life—perhaps your camp family will be named after Dostoevsky or Bulgakov.

Our evening programs often have literary themes such as dramatic re-telling of Gogol’s Nose in the style of opera or modern reinterpretation of Swan Lake. You may set off on an adventure to rescue the golden bird from Baba Yaga and need to interview the Firebird, Vaselisa the Beautiful or Kolobok.

If sitting by the lake reading is more your speed, we offer “tea and poetry” cultural hours, in which villagers relax and enjoy the beautiful rhythms of the Russian language. Whatever the case, there are myriad opportunities to explore the richness of Russian literature throughout the summer.