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Art at Lesnoe Ozero

At Lesnoe Ozero, we celebrate and explore all forms and expressions of art, from thematryoshka to the iconic works of Rublev. We are lucky enough to have an artist in residence, our Assistant Dean Masha, who oversees all of our art curriculum.

We have famous Russian artwork throughout the village, and we weave art appreciation into many of our all-camp programs and language classes. In our art classes for villagers, we focus particularly on folk art, including traditional clay toys, the famous Russian lacquer painting styles and textiles.

Russian art

Villagers get to create their own matryoshka dolls, dye Ukrainian Easter eggs, and practice the art of cross-stich, to name a few. They learn the cultural significance of the traditions as well as the origins of the art form. Our art center is open during free time for students to work on self-directed projects and contains almost any art supply you could imagine.

Art is also a great way to learn a language, whether by asking to borrow the blue paint or discussing the emotions elicited in the work of a master. We try to incorporate art into all levels of language learning. It can make abstract concepts concrete and provide a hands-on, fun way to learn Russian.