***Note our new Sunday start date and scheduled drop-off and pick-up times for residential programs (times to be scheduled after registration is complete).

***A COVID-19 surcharge of $75/week will be applied to all residential sessions in addition to the prices listed to cover the additional medical, facilities and staffing costs incurred.


Budding linguist? Discover what you can do when you give up English for four weeks. And get credit for it!

Villagers in our four-week high school credit-bearing sessions gain an academic year’s worth of language and culture skills through an immersion experience embedded in daily life, featuring a variety of cultural activities as well as formal study and assessment (minimum of 180 instructional hours; accredited by Cognia). Emphasis is on literacy and oracy. This program is open to students entering grades 9-12, and is open to all proficiency levels.

The credit program at Sjölunden is a challenging and rewarding experience. Every activity is conducted in Swedish, providing an opportunity to learn more of the language within a cultural context. Throughout the summer the students take quizzes and complete projects and almost every night they have homework. Many of the final projects are kept at Sjölunden as decorations or for teaching purposes, and serve as a great reminder of credit villagers’ lasting impact on the program.

Typical Day

Time Activity
7:30 Godmorgon! Snabbdopp (Wake up and a quick dip in the lake)
8:30 Frukost buffe (Breakfast buffet)
9:15 Portfoliotid (Portfolio time)
10:00 Lektion 1 (Language class)
11:15 Fika (Break)
11:45 Lektion 2 (Language class)
12:45 Lunch (Lunch)
13:30 Tupplur (Rest time)
13:00 Intresse (Week-long activities)
14:30 Fritid (Freetime)
15:45 Allsång (Singing time)
17:00 Flagghalning (Flag lowering)
17:45 Middag (Dinner)
18:00 Storstädning (Cleaning)
19:00 Stugtid (Cabin council)
19:15 Kvällsprogram (Evening program)
20:00 Pluggcafe (Study Cafe)
21:15 Till stugorna (Back to the cabins)
21:45 Kvällsprogram (Evening program)
22:15 Godnatt (Good night)

Concordia Language Villages reserves the right to consolidate or cancel sessions that are below minimum enrollment levels.