If you're motivated to learn Swedish, and you're entering grades 9-12, the High School Credit Program at Sjölunden is a great choice for you!

Villagers in four-week high school credit-bearing sessions gain an academic year’s worth of Swedish language and culture skills through an immersion experience embedded in daily life, featuring a variety of cultural activities as well as formal study and assessment (minimum of 180 instructional hours; accredited by AdvancEd). Emphasis is on literacy and oracy. Open to all proficiency levels.

Max describes being a first-year participant in the High School Credit Program

Elsie talks about why she participates in the High School Credit Program.

Typical Day

Time Activity
7:45 Godmorgon! Snabbdopp (Wake up and a quick dip in the lake)
8:15 Duka bord (Set the table)
8:30 Frukost buffe (Breakfast buffet)
9:30 Samling (Gathering, raise the flag)
9:45 Lektion 1 (Language class)
10:45 Fika (Break)
11:15 Lektion 2 (Language class)
12:00 Kultur (Culture)
13:00 Lunch (Lunch)
13:45 Tupplur (Rest time)
14:45 Intresse (Week-long activities)
16:00 Fritid (Freetime)
17:00 Stugtid (Cabin counsul)
17:30 Lektion 3 (Language Class)
18:00 Portfoliotid och ledarmöte (Relaxing and staff meeting)
18:30 Flagghalning (Flag lowering)
18:45 Middag (Dinner)
19:45 Allsång (Singing time)
20:30 Kvällsprogram (Evening program)
21:45 Repetition (Review Class)
22:00 Pluggcafe (Study Cafe)
22:45 Till stugorna (Back to the cabins)
23:15 Godnatt (Good night)