Perfect for ages 2 to 5, Twin Cities-area Pre-K programs let the little ones soak up Spanish language skills as they play games, sing songs, eat snacks and make new friends.

Jardín de niños, Spanish for “children’s garden,” surrounds 2½- to 5-year-olds in Spanish language and the cultural traditions of several Spanish-speaking countries. Language learning happens naturally through games and movement, music, drama, arts and crafts, stories and food. All activities take place in a safe, supportive, fun environment—in Spanish!

This program provides a unique foundational pre-K experience for life-long learners of Spanish language. The program is a natural precursor to El Lago del Bosque, the Spanish Language Village, a Spanish language and cultural immersion summer camp for young people ages 7-18.


Our curriculum is based on a series of fun themes that ensure each class builds on the previous one, continually challenging the learner. We emphasize both language and culture as important to children’s broadening world view, and the themes are specifically designed with this in mind. Read more about the curriculum themes for classes.


Concordia Language Villages offers Spanish lessons within the school day at Little Eagles Preschool in Eden Prairie.  Teachers visit Little Eagles Preschool classrooms several times per week to provide fun, engaging Spanish lessons for all of the children enrolled at the school.  
*Registration for Little Eagles Preschool is taken by Eden Prairie Schools.

Spanish preschool drop-off classes (for ages 3-5) are held at the Minnetonka Community Education Center (4584 Vine Hill Road, Excelsior, Minn.).  Classes meet one time per week, and there are morning and afternoon options available.  
*Registration taken by Minnetonka Community Education.

Spanish preschool parent/child classes (for ages 2-5) are held at the  Classes meet one time per week.
*Registration taken by Plymouth Parks & Recreation.


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