Concordia Language Villages will require all participants eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine to be fully vaccinated prior to arrival at a residential session, effective September 1, 2021. Read our vaccine FAQ for more information.​

Villagers in one-week sessions explore language and culture through an introductory immersion experience featuring games, sports, crafts, music, outdoor activities, etc. Emphasis is on listening comprehension and speaking. Open to ages 7-13 of all proficiency levels.


Typical Day


8:00 Доброе утро (wake up)
8:30 Подъём флага (flag raising)
8:45 Завтрак (breakfast)
9:30 Уборка (cabin cleaning time)
10:00 Урок (language learning through games)
11:00 Полдник (snack)
11:15 Путешествие (language learning through dramatic play)
11:45 Кружок (language learning through hands-on projects)
12:45 Обед (lunch)
13:45 Тихий час (quiet hour)
14:30 Свободное время (free time)
15:45 Приключение (cabin activity)
16:30 Пение (singing)
17:00 Час культуры I (cultural activity 1)
17:45 Спускфлага/почта (flag lowering/mail)
18:00 Ужин (supper)
19:00 Час культуры II (cultural activity 2)
19:45 Час культуры III (cultural activity 3)
20:45 Вечерняя программа (evening program)
21:45 Костёр (campfire)
22:00 Земство (cabin council)
22:30 Спокойной ночи! (lights out)


Concordia Language Villages reserves the right to consolidate or cancel sessions that are below minimum enrollment levels.


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