Is your child ready to try sleep-away camp for the first time?  If they’re between the ages of 7-14, a one-week Youth Exploration session at Mar e Floresta may be just the right program for them! Villagers explore the language and culture through an introductory immersion experience featuring games, sports, crafts, music, cuisine and outdoor activities, with emphasis on conversational Portuguese every day.

Typical Day

Time Atividade Activity
7:45 Bom Dia Good Morning
9:00 Café da manhã Breakfast
10:00 Bate-papo Small Language Group
10:45 Merenda Morning Snack
11:15 Atividade 1 Activity 1
12:00 Canto Song Time
12:30 Bate-papo 2 Small Language Group 2
13:30 Almoço Lunch
14:30 Cochilo Rest time
15:30 Tempo livre Free time
16:30 Atividade 2 Activity 2
17:30 Bate-papo Small language group
18:00 Dança Dance
18:30 Jantar Dinner
19:30 Programa de noite Evening Program
20:45 Para as casas To the cabins
21:45 Luzes apagadas Lights out