Twin Cities Day Camps are a great introduction to language, and a wonderful precursor to our overnight programs. These programs are held at various locations throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Utilizing our unique teaching methods, Twin Cities Day Camps include art, music, games and snacks to introduce the youngest learners to language and culture.

2017 Theme: Our Unbelievable  (and Wacky!)World!

Our world is filled with unexpected wonders, and we will have fun doing zany tricks and far out experiments that might seem unbelievable at first – until we figure them out!  We will travel the world, visiting different Norwegian cities and landmarks, and, along the way, we will learn magic tricks and do crazy experiments tied to those places.  (Think: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! ® or That’s Incredible! ®)  It will be a fun week of drama and play, and we’ll do it all in Norwegian! We will learn and practice language through the use of games, music, dance, experiments and movement, as we try to solve fun mysteries in the world around us.  All language levels welcome!

Sample Daily Schedule

9 a.m: Welcome!  Children arrive and do an activity while everyone gets settled.
Gathering:  The group gathers for introductions and singing.  The theme of the day is introduced.
Exploration I: Exploration activities vary day-to-day and include things like arts & crafts, dancing and games from the target cultures.
Snack:  The children have a culturally relevant snack (provided).
Gym or Outside Play:  Authentic world games are played in the target language.
Exploration II: More exploratory activities.
Wrap-up: Recapping the day, getting a hint about tomorrow, and then getting ready to go home.
12 p.m: Day camp ends.  See you tomorrow!