Barnehage (Norwegian for “children’s garden”) surrounds children with the language and culture of Norway through music, dance, creative play, crafts, games, stories and food. All activities take place in a safe, supportive, fun environment - all in Norwegian! Barnehage is a unique foundational experience for life-long learners of Norwegian. The program is a natural precursor to Skogfjorden, the Norwegian Language Village, a Norwegian language and culture immersion summer camp for young people ages 7 to 18.


Our Barnehage curriculum is based on a series of fun themes that ensure each class builds on the previous one, continually challenging the learner. We emphasize both language and culture as important to children’s broadening world view, and the themes are specifically designed with this in mind. Click here to read about the curriculum themes!

Norway House
913 E. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, Minn.

Special 4-week term to celebrate Norway's Constitution Day
Parent/child class - ages 1.5-4
April 19-May 10

(See also information about Norge Rundt for 4-11 year olds.)

Questions and to REGISTER:  Call 1-800-450-2214

More Information 

Barnehage preschool program and Norge Rundt (ages 4-11) are offered in partnership with the Norway House and the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church (Mindekirken) in Minneapolis.

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