Surprise visitors. You never know who you'll meet at Skogfjorden.

In Scandinavia, they have schools with no tests or grades!  These schools are called folkehøgskoler. This four-week, non-credit session is for those who want to experience what the fun and learning in this kind of school is all about.  Folk High School villagers become stewards of the village in deep ways unique to this particular program. This session is open to both native Norwegians and Norwegian learners, for a full two-way immersion.

NB 30—the second four weeks of our summer—builds on our long-standing dual immersion program (NB 33) by offering a four-week program open to villagers learning Norwegian and villagers from Norway working on their English and knowledge of U.S. culture. Through stories of all forms—from the spoken and written to the dramatic and filmed, stories will function as the glue to link all of the Folk High School experiences together (note that this is not a high school credit session).

This session is open to both native Norwegian speakers and Norwegian learners.