"Verdens største ost og ostchtøvel?" The world's
largest cheese and cheese cutter?
No - the cheese cutter is a Norwegian invention.
The large cheese -- pure Skogfjorden!

Our language and cultural immersion programs offer an ideal opportunity to share an "international" experience together for a fraction of the cost of traveling abroad.

Family programs are great preparation for a family trip abroad or for a child's summer experience at the Villages. Explore family heritage or learn about an entirely new culture! The best part is simply being together in a beautiful setting where you can reinforce the importance of being a good citizen in our global community.

After choosing Norsk names, the whole familie will join our experienced staff on our Hyttetur!! We have filled our weekend away with Norsk, woodcarving, sang, wool arts, dans, and long hikes in the woods for you. Don't worry, there is enough room to spend down-time with your family as well!

Keeping in line with Norwegian custom, many activities will take place outdoors so please come prepared to be inside and out in most weather. Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær! (There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.)

Invite grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles for an unforgettable family reunion! This is also an ideal way to prepare for a trip to Norway or to introduce your children to our summer program!

NEW! Nordic Family Week

Welcoming all families to our brand new Nordic Family Week! This week of family immersion will focus on Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish language, culture and life.