“Jeg ser deg!” (I see you!)

With a passport in hand, your child will join a whole new world of adventure at Skogfjorden, the authentic Norwegian Language Village! Norwegians love to explore — we’ve been doing it for centuries! Explore with us at and see what you find: perhaps a message from the Vikings, a secret bålplass (campfire) for preparing pinnebrød on a stick, perhaps a polar bear, perhaps the nøkken troll under a bridge, or perhaps even the largest paper clip you have ever seen.  Every day is different, but we’ll always be exploring. Most explorations happen outdoors, so come prepared — dressed to go anywhere at any time!

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Tuesday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.

Lunch is provided.

Typical Day

Time Activity  
9:00 Ankomst Coming to port
9:30 Allsang Singing
10:15 Kretser Time and space travel to different adventures in Norway
12:00 Matpause Picnic snack break
12:45 Strenggruppe Small language learning group
1:45 Kosetime I Free choice activities—a variety of active, creative and fun activities
2:30 Middag Mid-day meal
3:30 Middagslur Mid-day rest time—this will be done as guests in cabins with other villagers
4:30 Kosetime II Free choice activities
5:15 Avgang Leaving port

  Parents may pick up child at camp.