Villagers experience French language and culture through an immersion experience at Les Voyageurs featuring wilderness adventure and outdoor living. They learn to pitch a tent, split logs, cook over an open fire, identify plants and birds, portage a canoe and, paddle through sun and rain. Emphasis on listening comprehension and speaking. We strongly recommend that students have at least the equivalent of 1-2 years high school French. Open to students entering grades 9-12.

Credit villagers will take two trips away from base camp; one to Voyageurs National Park and the other possibly to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Learn more about our high school credit program.

A Typical Day at the Main Site
Wake up at sunrise
Canoeing excursion
Small group activities (villager choice)
Break time to rest, write letters, read, etc. A mid-day camp-fire
Free to spend at the café or boutique, playing games or doing arts and crafts
Credit villager "class time"
Canoeing Excursion or whole-group activity
Camp-fire and songs
A Typical Day En Voyage
Wake up at sunrise
Work together to break down camp
Canoeing on the great lakes and rivers (while singing and enjoying conversation)
Lunch on the go
More canoeing to get to the next site
Work together to set up camp
Free time to explore, play games, etc. Pitch in to cook the evening meal.
Evening Activities – conversation, journaling, credit villager "class time"
Camp fire and songs