Villagers in two-week sessions at Sup sogŭi Hosu gain and enhance language and culture skills through an immersion experience embedded in daily life and featuring games, sports, crafts, music, outdoor activities, etc. Emphasis is on listening comprehension and speaking. The program is open to youth ages 8-18 of all proficiency levels.

Typical Day

On a typical morning at Sup sogŭi Hosu, you might wake up to taekwondo exercises. Next, you might try your hand at some afternoon archery, or express your artistic side seated at a potter’s wheel. Our chefs will make sure you enjoy every delicious bite of your authentic Korean meals.

Each day of the program, as you canoe and swim in Turtle River Lake, sing songs around the camp fire, and play traditional Korean games, you’ll surprise yourself with how much and how quickly you learn.

Time Activity
7:30 기상당번  /  Wake Up Duty
8:10 아침체조  /  Morning Exercises
8:30 아침식사  /  Breakfast
9:20 큰마당 모임  /  Large Group
10:10 작은 마당 1  /  Learning Group 1
11:00 놀이마당 1  /  Activity Group 1
11:40 자유시간  /  Free Time
12:10 점심 식사  /  Lunch
13:20 한국방송 시청 /  Korean Program Viewing
14:00 캐빈청소  /  Cabin Cleaning
14:20 낮잠시간  /  Nap Time
15:30 놀이마당 2  /  Activity Group 2
16:20 자유시간  /  Free Time
17:30 작은 마당 2  /  Learning Group 2
18:40 저녁식사  /  Dinner
20:20 마당놀이  /  Evening Program
21:50 우리집 모임  /  Cabin Time
22:30 잘자요!  / Good Night!


Sup sogŭi Hosu has a relaxed atmosphere.  You won’t need much more than shorts, t-shirts, a swimsuit, long pants, and warm sweatshirts. You’ll have the opportunity to dress up for a few events and also try on a hanbok (a traditional Korean costume).