Concordia Language Villages will require all participants eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine to be fully vaccinated prior to arrival at a residential session, effective September 1, 2021. Read our vaccine FAQ for more information.​

Language learning is at the heart of our program. Mori no Ike has specialized curriculum in place for both the credit program and the one or two-week small language groups.

The one-week villagers participate in a task-based curriculum. With your small group, you will select a group of characters and a task you would like to complete. Your sensei will guide you through the language structures and vocabulary needed to complete your task. We use a different cultural theme each year. The themes include: modern and historical Japan, rural and urban Japan and relationships.

The one-week youth exploration program is open to all proficiency levels, ages 7-15.

Typical Day

Time Activity
8:00 起床 Villagers Wake-Up
8:45 ラジオ体操 Morning Exercises
9:00 朝ごはん Breakfast
9:45 クラス1・言葉1 First Morning Class
10:30 中休み Game and Study Break
11:00  クラス2・クラブ言葉1 Class 2 for Gakusei and Morning Club for Seito
11:45 歌の時間 Singing Time
12:15 メロドラマ Skits by the Sensei
12:30 昼ご飯 Lunch
13:20 昼ね Nap and Quiet Time
14:15 掃除 Cleaning Time
14:45 クラス3・言葉2 Class 3 for Gakusei and Language Group 2 for Seito
15:45 自由時間 Free Time
16:45 クラブ2 Afternoon Club
17:45 勉強時間 Study Time
18:30 晩ご飯 Dinner
19:30 着替える時間 Changing time
20:00 夜のプログラム Evening Program
21:00 キャンプファイヤー Campfire and Singing
21:15 家に帰る Seito: Return to Cabins and Gakusei: Study Time
22:10 日記を書く時間 Journal Time
22:30 家団欒 Cabin Council
23:00 寝る Lights out


Concordia Language Villages reserves the right to consolidate or cancel sessions that are below minimum enrollment levels.


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