STEM-D: Combine German with STEM Skills in our Specialty High School Credit Program.

If you are interested in science, technology, engineering and math, then German is the natural language to learn. German is the language of science and Germany's world-beating economy is based on top-flight engineering skills and technological prowess. What do companies like Bosch, Siemens and Volkswagen have in common with Waldsee? They both do business in STEM and in German!

In Waldsee’s one-of-a-kind STEM-D high school credit program, you’ll create a portfolio of projects that develop your skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, all while improving your Deutsch too! You are with your friends in the regular credit program, but during instructional times you use your German to develop your STEM skills. Hands-on projects are the key, geared to your own level and background, both in German and in each of the STEM skill areas. Conduct experiments like German high school kids do; immerse yourself in the excitement of scientific discovery auf Deutsch. Gain one year's equivalent of high school German at your language level. There's nothing like it in the United States.