***Note our new Sunday start date and scheduled drop-off and pick-up times for residential programs (times to be scheduled after registration is complete).

***A COVID-19 surcharge of $75/week will be applied to all residential sessions in addition to the prices listed to cover the additional medical, facilities and staffing costs incurred.

In just four weeks, villagers at Waldsee can earn a year’s credit of high school German. As an extension of Waldsee‘s core curriculum, the credit program emphasizes active learning–drawing on all of the resources that Waldsee has to offer, including the rich natural surroundings, a variety of outdoor and sporting activities, and Village life.

Students engage the German language using a theme-based curriculum that melds cultural content with grammar lessons. Waldsee‘s credit program is much more than a classroom in the middle of the woods: it redefines how language is learned. It emphasizes learning in natural situations, like going to the Laden (store), ordering food at the Waldsee Café, or producing our own Seifenoper (soap opera) for the rest of the village.

Villagers in four-week high school credit-bearing sessions gain an academic year’s worth of language and culture skills through an immersion experience embedded in daily life, featuring a variety of cultural activities as well as formal study and assessment (minimum of 180 instructional hours; accredited by Cognia). Emphasis is on literacy and oracy. Open to students entering grades 9-12 of all proficiency levels.

Concordia Language Villages reserves the right to consolidate or cancel sessions that are below minimum enrollment levels.