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Johanna, Credit Facilitator, leading a German High School Credit class.

In just four weeks, villagers at Waldsee can earn a year’s credit of high school German. As an extension of Waldsee‘s core curriculum, the credit program emphasizes active learning–drawing on all of the resources that Waldsee has to offer, including the rich natural surroundings, a variety of outdoor and sporting activities and Village life.

As an added bonus, villagers can choose from one of five program types to explore a specific interest or take the opportunity to focus on taking in Minnesota’s North Woods while being immersed in German language and culture.



  • Classic High School Credit: The high school credit program villagers have come to know and love across the Villages.
  • STEM-D: Combine German with STEM Skills in our Specialty High School Credit Program
  • Die Grüne Welle: A German, environmental journey for high school credit.
  • Der Märchenwald: Learn German by taking a trip back to the Middle Ages.
  • Das Stadttheater: For the villager interested in learning German through Theatre. *Uniquely offered during GB24 credit session



Classic High School Credit

Two girls smiling in front of the rotunda while other villagers and staff dance.

Students engage the German language using a theme-based curriculum that melds cultural content with grammar lessons. Waldsee's credit program is much more than a classroom in the middle of the woods: it redefines how language is learned. It emphasizes learning in natural situations, like going to the Laden (store), ordering food at the Waldsee Café, or producing our own Seifenoper (soap opera) for the rest of the Village.

Villagers in four-week high school credit-bearing sessions gain an academic year’s worth of language and culture skills through an immersion experience embedded in daily life, featuring a variety of cultural activities as well as formal study and assessment (minimum of 180 instructional hours; accredited by Cognia). Emphasis is on literacy and oracy. Open to students entering grades 9-12 of all proficiency levels.

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STEM-D High School Credit

Villagers watching during a science experiment demonstration.

For the villager with an interest in science, technology, engineering and math – German is the natural language to learn. German is the language of science and Germany's world-beating economy is based on top-flight engineering skills and technological prowess. What do companies like Bosch, Siemens and Volkswagen have in common with Waldsee? They both do business in STEM and in German!

In Waldsee’s one-of-a-kind STEM-D high school credit program, villagers create a portfolio of projects that develop skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, all while improving their Deutsch too! This credit option still provides the opportunity to interact with villagers in the classic credit program, with instructional time as the opportunity to use German to develop STEM skills. Hands-on projects are the key, geared to a villager’s own level and background, both in German and in each of the STEM skill areas. Conduct experiments like German high school kids do; be immersed in the excitement of scientific discovery auf Deutsch and gain one year's equivalent of high school German! There's nothing like it in the United States.

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Die Grüne Welle

In Waldsee’s environment/nature high school credit die Grüne Welle program, villagers have the opportunity to do projects just like the classic credit program, but with a focus on environmental science, conservation, energy, chemistry or forestry. An experience in using German to live and discover our beautiful natural surroundings.

Villagers get to plan and go on a one-week canoe trip down the Mississippi and across the great Northern Minnesota landscape, camp and sleep in/outside of a tent, build a fire and cook over it, enjoy the sunsets as the loons call out in the distance, learn about plants and animals — all in German.

There’s also the opportunity to carry out experiments and learn about sustainable living in the Waldsee BioHaus, North America’s first certified passive house — a building designed to use 85 percent less energy than a comparable American building. It’s a low-energy building in a high-energy program.

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Der Märchenwald

Villagers dressed to act out middle age German theatre.

Der Märchenwald (forest of legends) high school credit program at Waldsee takes villagers back in time to experience a unique combination of the Middle Ages and theater. The only program to come complete with its own storyline, der Märchenwald challenges its participants to create a kingdom from a path through the woods, a theater in a forest clearing, and authentic medieval persons in themselves.

The result is a mountain of experience combining language, history, arts and crafts, music, creative writing, literature, ongoing role-playing, tons of teamwork and, finally, a formal knighting ceremony. In the program, villagers will do projects just like the classic credit program, but with a focus on medieval roles and crafts along with a major theater production.

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Das Stadttheater

Stadttheater participants performing a piece in German.

Credit villagers in Waldsee's Stadttheater will take a look behind the curtain of German-speaking Europe's rich history of stage theatre. They have the chance to get involved in many aspects of theatre creation, including writing, design and performance. Experimenting with different styles and theories of theatre, from Aristotle to Brecht, they will hone their spontaneous speaking skills through improv and create original works to be performed. Participants will complete projects just like in the classic credit program, but with a focus on theatre. Experienced thespians and those who want to try theatre for the first time are welcome. This is uniquely offered during the GB24 credit session.

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