In Waldsee's German Apprentice Program*, you'll learn German by becoming a Lehrling, working half-time developing a community skill auf deutsch, and learning German half-time in regular Waldsee learning groups. German apprentices live with regular Waldsee participants and join in village activities, but also contribute to the Waldsee community and develop a work skill at the same time, learning from master teachers and experts in their field.

It's a time-honored German tradition and a great leadership opportunity—and you can join the adventure this summer! Participants receive a certificate of apprenticeship with work hours included. Reduced tuition. For ages 16-18 with two years or more of German. Apprentice opportunities in:

  • Bakery and Kitchen
  • Carpentry
  • Store, Bank and Café
  • Gardening/Green Roof
  • Music
  • Technology/Podcasting/Web blogging
  • Art and Photography
  • Science/Environmental Studies

*Note: Participation in the German Apprentice Program is subject to approval by the dean. To request the additional application forms, please contact