In Waldsee's German Apprentice Program*, you'll learn German by becoming a Lehrling, working half-time developing a community skill auf deutsch, and learning German half-time in regular Waldsee learning groups. German apprentices live with regular Waldsee participants and join in village activities, but also contribute to the Waldsee community and develop a work skill at the same time, learning from master teachers and experts in their field.

It's a time-honored German tradition and a great leadership opportunity—and you can join the adventure this summer! Participants receive a certificate of apprenticeship with work hours included. Reduced tuition. For ages 16-18 with two years or more of German. Apprentice opportunities in:

  • Bakery and Kitchen
  • Carpentry
  • Store, Bank and Café
  • Gardening/Green Roof
  • Music
  • Technology/Podcasting/Webblogging
  • Art and Photography
  • Science/Environmental Studies

*Note: Participation in the German Apprentice Program is subject to approval by the dean. To request the additional application forms, please contact

Rates and Dates

Registration for summer 2017 will be opening soon! Please check back for next year's rates and dates. To be notified by email when dates become available, please submit a Request for Information