Wondering what to do with the family for your summer holiday or weekend getaway? How about attending one of Waldsee’s Family Weeks or Family Fun Weekends? Enrollment is open to families of all ages (all you need is a minimum of one adult and one child). Grandparents are also welcome! We have developed a special program that draws on all the fun of our Waldsee program, with a few added extras for families.

We’ll also have special activities for the adults, like cooking, baking, nature walks with our environmental experts, and many different arts and crafts. For the younger children there are also many new activities that are specially designed to pique their interest in learning German while having fun.

Our language and cultural immersion programs offer an ideal opportunity to share an “international” experience together for a fraction of the cost of traveling

abroad. This is also an ideal way to prepare for a trip to Germany, Switzerland or Austria or to learn more about the heritage of family members.

Each member of your family will choose a German name and focus on German language development, enjoy German activities and have free time to spend together. Comfortable lodging in traditional Fachwerkhaus or modern Passivhaus and delicious homemade German cuisine are part of our trademark full-immersion setting. Invite grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles for an unforgettable family reunion!

Family programs are great preparation for a family trip abroad or for a child's summer experience at the Villages. Explore family heritage or learn about an entirely new culture! The best part is simply being together in a beautiful setting where you can reinforce the importance of being a good citizen in our global community.

Tagesplan (Typical Day)

Time Activity
7:30 Guten Morgen! Weckdienst
8:15 Morgenkreis
8:30 Frühstück
9:30 Gesang
10:15 Familie
11:00 Obstpause
11:15 Veranstaltungsstunde
12:15 Mittagessen
13:15 Mittagsruhe
14:15 2. Veranstaltungsstunde
15:00 2. Familie
15:45 Pause / Waldsee Café
16:30 Postgespräch
16:45 3. Veranstaltungsstunde
17:45 3. Familie
18:00 Küchendienst
18:15 Abendkreis
18:30 Abendessen
19:15 Kollegiumschor
19:30 Abendprogramm
20:30 Im Haus
21:00 Gute Nacht
21:30 Sonderabend (Kino/Sauna)