Villagers in four-week high school credit-bearing sessions gain an academic year’s worth of language and culture skills through an immersion experience embedded in daily life, featuring a variety of cultural activities as well as formal study and assessment (minimum of 180 instructional hours; accredited by AdvancED). Emphasis is on literacy and oral fluency. Open to all proficiency levels for students entering grades 9–12.

Both Lac du Bois sites offer four-week credit programs:

Lac du Bois Hackensack’s beautiful, 1920s-era site encourages a focus on ecology and sustainability as villagers live and play in a pristine wilderness setting.  Learn more about life at Lac du Bois Hackensack.  

Lac du Bois Bemidji offers villagers the chance to live, learn, and play in a village mirroring the architecture of various regions of France. Learn more about life at Lac du Bois Bemidji.

Note: The Voyageurs site also offers four-week credit sessions. Credit villagers with Les Voyageurs participate in the Grand Voyage with the two-week villagers and then undertake the Immense Voyage, a 12-day expedition that can include a visit to Old Fort William in Canada and other adventurous asides. Click here for more information.

Rates and Dates

Registration for summer 2017 will be opening soon! Please check back for next year's rates and dates. To be notified by email when dates become available, please submit a Request for Information