Advanced high-school students with well-established language skills may apply for this four-week college credit program at Lac du Bois, Bemidji, through which they will earn a college credit in French literature (four credits) from Concordia College that can then be transferred to the student’s eventual college or university.

To set participants in this program up for success, they must demonstrate the ability to read, discuss, and write about literature in French before they will be admitted. For many years this class has focused on African literature, including novels and poetry. This theme is likely to continue. The course is taught by a qualified professor. The college credit program runs alongside the high-school credit program and, outside of formal class time, participants in this program join the same activities as the high-school credit villagers.

Students must be in grades 11-12 (entering high school junior or senior year, but not yet a fully enrolled college student) with three previous years of language study.

How to Apply

Unlike our high school credit or language immersion sessions, participants who would like to enroll in the college credit session must apply and be accepted. Learn more about the application requirements for our college credit programs.