We welcome young villagers to a fun day camp experience at the authentic French Language Village north of Bemidji, Minn., on Turtle River Lake. With a passport in hand, your child will join a whole new world of adventure.

Try your rhythm in an African drum circle, learn to fence, play games or compete at soccer. You might even paint or create a mural by the fountain. Every day you’ll taste delicious French food, including la baguette, and maybe you’ll learn to make your own crêpes! We have many new adventures for you to try at Lac du Bois!

Alongside our day camp program, Lac du Bois has a residential session for children who stay overnight for one to four weeks. Day campers will participate in some of the same activities as the overnight camp group.

Time A Typical Day for 4 day Day Camps
8:45-9:00 Parents can drop off participants at Paris, in the parking lot os the main building
9:00-9:30 Group arrival, stowing day packs, gather in morning circle. Introductions, Game icebreaker, theme of the day, general announcements, Introduction to activities and signup
9:30-9:45 Counselor skits with language patterns
9:45-10:45 Activity period I
10:45-11:15 Cleanup/snack break/free play
11:15-12:00 Activity Period II
12:00-12:20 Song time with village
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:15-1:30 Cleanup/rest time
2:50-4:05 Free time: Stores and Bank open
4:05-4:25 Song time with village
4:25-5:00 Activity Period III
5:00-5:15 Final circle time, packing, loading
5:15-5:30 Sign out campers to parents at Paris parking lot
Time A Typical Day for 5 day Day Camps
8:45 Bonjour: Parents drop-off child/stow day packs
9:15 Activity with day campers
10:00 Lesson with day campers
11:00 Snack break with the whole Village
11:15 French activity groups divided by interest, with overnight campers
12:30 Lunch with the whole Village
1:30 Day camp activity with special guests
2:30 Free time within the Village
3:00 Wrap up for day campers: What did you learn today?
3:30 Au Revoir: Parent pick-up

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