Family programs are great preparation for a family trip abroad or for a child's summer experience at the Villages. Explore family heritage or learn about an entirely new culture! The best part is simply being together in a beautiful setting where you can reinforce the importance of being a good citizen in our global community.

Finnish family weeks and weekends allow grandparents, parents, children, aunts, uncles and cousins the opportunity to explore Finnish language and the culture together and to share experiences and build memories that will last a lifetime. Week-long sessions are held during the summer, while weekends are held during the school year. You’ll enjoy delicious food and the same rich setting that is offered during the summer sessions for young people.


  • Make birchbark crafts (tuohityö)
  • Weave on our looms (kankaankudonta)
  • Cook karjalanpiirakat
  • Explore the Salolampi forest (bring your cross-country skis!)
  • Play the kantele
  • Sing familiar Finnish songs and learn new ones.
  • Relax in the hot sauna. Salolampi villagers love following the popular Finnish practice of enjoying the village’s sauna, followed by a plunge into Turtle River Lake or — depending upon the season — a roll in the snow.
  • If you come during one of our winter programs, you may even get to try out favorite Finnish activities like cross-country skiing.

This is also an ideal way to prepare for a trip to Finland, learn more about the heritage of family members or prepare younger villagers for a stay by themselves. Stay with your family in cabins with bathrooms. Two or three families will be housed in each cabin. There is also limited single-family housing in the main building, with separate bathrooms.


Finnish family programs are located at Salolampi, our Finnish Language Village on Turtle River Lake near Bemidji, Minn.

Typical Day

Time Activity
7:30 Hyvää huomenta! - Good Morning!
8:15 Aamiainen - Breakfast
9:00 Aamupiiri - Morning Flagpole Circle
9:15 Kylätoiminta - Village Activity
10:00 1. Suomikoulu - Finnish School (language lessons)
10:45 Hedelmätauko - Fruit Break
11:00 1. toiminta - First Activity
12:00 2. Suomikoulu - Finnish School (language lessons)
12:45 Dining Room Set Up
13:00 Lounas - Lunch
14:15 Mökkiaika - Cabin Time
15:15 Kulttuuritunti - Cultural Presentation
16:00 Iso tauko - Large Break
17:15 2. toiminta - Second Activity
18:15 Laulupiiri - Village Singing Time
18:45 Päivällinen - Dinner
19:45 Iltapiiri,iltaohjelma, laulu - Evening Flagpole, Evening Program, Village Singing Time
21:30 Päivän kertaus - Recap of the day
21:45 Mökkeihin - Cabin Time
22:00 Hyvää yötä! - Goodnight!


Due to the generous support of the Salolampi Foundation, families can receive an automatic discount on summer Family Weeks with scholarships. Learn more.  

NEW! Nordic Family Week

Welcoming all families to our brand new Nordic Family Week! This week of family immersion will focus on Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish language, culture and life.