Twin Cities Pre-K Programs

Experts agree that the earlier you are exposed to a new language, the better success you can expect. Our Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) language and cultural immersion programs bring Concordia Language Villages’ trademark language and cultural immersion techniques to the youngest language learners in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn., metro area.

Parent Testimonial:

“Last night we attended a fun and wonderful event to celebrate Carsten’s “graduation” from Barnehage. We feel so fortunate that both of our children were able to attend and benefit from such a unique approach to pre-K education taught in the Norwegian language. We want to thank the teachers for all that you have done to nurture our children and prepare them for kindergarten and life in general while exposing them to the Norwegian language, culture, customs, and food. We highly, highly recommend this program.”

Fun Classes Based on Themes

Our Pre-K programs follow a sequential curriculum based on themes common to any language you choose. Each class builds on the previous one, continually challenging the littlest learners. Individual language programs explore these themes within an authentic cultural framework appropriate for the language being studied.

Themes for parent/child classes (ages 2 ½ to 4)

Ready, Set, Go! 
Get ready to move! In this class, we will hop, skip and jump around the globe. Highlighting movement and health, we will dive into activities that children in other parts of the world do at this fun age.

Looking Out Our Windows 
Travel to the Songhua River in China, Sognefjord in Norway, or the Systema Iberico mountain range in Spain. The emphasis in this session is on natural features around the world, as well as weather and the seasons in environments where the target language is spoken.

Welcome to Our Homes 
Explore homes around the world! Children will examine their own homes, as well as the people who live in them. They will then travel to visit homes in other countries!

Animals Here, Animals There 
Nøff! Bubu! Oink! This class explores animals found in the target culture(s), focusing on where they live, what they look like, what they do, and the noises they make in the target language.

Themes for drop-off classes (ages 3 to 5)

Making Friends
This class discovers friends and cultural celebrations in the countries where the target language is spoken. Children focus on teamwork and sharing through authentic cultural games, songs and imaginative play.

Going Places
Pack your bags!  Villagers will take part in all aspects of taking a trip abroad – from applying for a passport and packing a suitcase, to using money to buy tickets, and visiting exciting destinations!

All About Me & You
Do you like to play Ta den ring? Or play badminton or soccer?  Villagers will share their likes and dislikes, feelings, family and favorite things.  We will explore our own daily rituals, then wake up in another country and investigate the habits of peers around the world!

Natural Wonders
Villagers this session will examine the natural environment in Minnesota, as well as nature in China, Norway and French- and Spanish-speaking countries.  We will examine the gardens, habitats and landscapes of other countries, and compare that to the nature in our own backyards.

Chinese Pre-K

French Pre-K

Norwegian Pre-K

Spanish Pre-K

Registration for our Chinese, French, and Spanish pre-K programs is taken by our school and district partners.  Please follow the links above for more information.  Registration for Norwegian pre-K is taken by phone: 800-450-2214.

Becky Hegstad, Dean of Language Discovery Programs, 651-328-1059